Sunday, December 7, 2008

High School League

some of the folks around here are tired of hearing the phrase, "back in san diego..." and so it is with great hesitance that i start this off by saying...

back in san diego, the high school league was gangbusters. easily one of my faveorite things about NCT SD. the HSL kids came to nearly every show with suggestions they had been cooking up all week. "comunist manifesto!" "john ritter!" "the theory of relativity!" always trying to challenge the pros and our insistance that nothing was impossible. i always looked forward to the wacky suggestions we would get from them and i remember one night when a HSL kid brought a giant carpet square to the show and held it in his lap all night, just in the off chance we would play object freeze. another night a HSL kid put his wooden leg in the bag for object freeze. a real wooden leg. he had to hop up to the stage to get it back.

in san diego, the high school league kids pretty much run the show. they are our mr.voices and our house staff very reliably... until the graduate and either join the team or go to "college" or some other lame waste of time.

i loved the high school league kids. they were so much fun, so enthusiastic and- when they did join the team- they were the best players and the most eager to go to Brian's for 2am chicken strips and french fries.

thats why im super psyched to be finally launching the High School League at NCT Phoenix. The kids from Horizon and Basha are totally improv kids, both schools have had their own improv clubs going for a long time and so they are going to be really good players.

im so looking forward to AZ HSL kids coming to the shows with impossible suggestions and, hopefully, filling in as house staff and mr voice as our vary own army of improv teenagers to do our bidding.