Friday, September 16, 2011

Warm it Up!

Warm Ups are an essential part of any improvisational undertaking. At NCT we are always growing and expanding our portfolio of warm up excercises to include new things and big challenges.

This Wednesday we were practicing a particularly difficult warm up game and one of our players had a lot more trouble with it than most.

It was an excellent opportunity to remind everyone that there should never be fear of failure- on stage or off. the only things one can  not do are the things one is afraid to do. our mantra? if you're screwing up it means that, at least, you are trying!
There is no place for "Cool" in comedy.

Midnights, Spookiness and Auditions on the rise...

Midnight Shows are Back!

Thats right! The Midnight Show returns
    Saturday October 1 at 11:45pm
    Saturday October 29 at 11:45pm

Two opportunities to take in some top notch Longform improv comedy for only $10!

How is this show different from our weekly Competitive Comedy Shows? What's Longform? Why is the MIDNIGHT show at 11:45pm?

Good questions.
The Midnight Show differs from our weekly Competitive Comedy Shows because it is not competitive at all, but a collaborative effort between 6 hand picked players. There is also no Brown Bag Foul at the Midnight Show. Which means, although it isn't specifically "naughty"... the language isn't monitored. For that reason the show is limited to audiences 16 & older.
Longform improv, as featured in the Midnight Show, is basically... longer. With a 20- 30 minute comedy piece constructed around a single suggestion.

Why is it at 11:45?
Who knows! Its madness at the Midnight Show!

Get tickets online  today for only $10!

Audition for National Comedy Theatre!
Thats right- National Comedy Theatre, the Valley's improv comedy leaders, are looking for a few funny dudes and hilarious ladies to join the team of improvisational performers!
Saturday October 22 at 1:00pm
No experience is necessary, just good energy and a positive attitude!
Call 602-374-5638 or email to sign up today!
Selected individuals will take part in a 6 week introductory workshop and then be expected to participate in weekly improvisational training in addition to the opportunity to perform with our cast at NCT in weekly competitive comedy shows. 

The Halloween Spooktacular
Friday October 28 and Saturday October 29th witness the suspense, the thrill and the mosterous hilarity that IS the Halloween Spooktacular! The stellar cast of National Comedy Theatre will dust off improv games and sketches so insane that they only bring them out for Halloween. And, this All Ages show will see the theatre at NCT decked out in spooky style! Ticket give-a-ways will be your trick or treat gift, and everyone will walk away from this spooky wonderland laughing their guts out!
Tickets are $12 for adults and $10 for Students or Seniors get them online today at