Saturday, October 20, 2012

YOU (The Audience)!

And here is a peek at some of the pretty faces who have graced our stage and walked away with two tickets to come see us again!

Friday, October 19, 2012

New Players Take The Main Stage

This weekend marks an exciting first for us at National Comedy Theatre Phoenix. This weekend our first ever High School Improv League player turned Main Stage player takes the stage in a Competitive Comedy show with the cast of NCT.

Now, if you know NCT, you know we love our Leaguers. It always delights us to see what shenanigins they get up to out in the real world after they graduate. It is always extra rewarding to see them continue with the art of improv and now its extra extra rewarding for the first of the Leaguers take the stage with the big boys.

Mike Warner joins us tonight.

His former 56th Street Comedy Club team mates Caleb Colson, Tyler Fleming and Kaiden Dion wont be far behind as they will join the cast of the Main Stage team this month.

Here they are at last years High School Improv League Tournament.

Sure to become big stars on the Main Stage... congratulations guys!

Monday, October 8, 2012

A New Generation on the Horizon's a pun...

Horizon High School had their first Improv League class of the year.

This being the 5th season of the League, it is also the first year that we have had a complete turn over. Horizon has a big new cast, a new faculty sponsor and it is pretty exciting to see where the team will go from here.

It is really wonderful and rewarding to see the High School League improv teams take their team practices, their shows, and the whole art of improv super seriously. Many of the HSIL performers commit to their teams as faithfully as footballers and baseballers commit to all that running and jumping.

A new season of shows is starting too, which brings the schools together. They get to meet their fellow players and experience the different styles of performance and play that develop among each team.

What happened to the former players who graduated already? Well, some of them perform with improv groups where they go to college... and some will soon be performing for you at NCT! One of Horizon High's 56th Street Comedy Club will officially become a National Comedy Theatre Main Stage Team player later this month. Players from Campo Verde's CopperPocalypse have also joined up, along side the 56th Streeters, in our Thursday Night Troupe.

There's something thrilling about a small army of super talented, super young improvisers that already have years of professional training.... world domination is certainly on the Horizon? (that time the pun was unintentional... but I refuse to delete it.)

Info on the High School Improv League is easily found by clicking here.
Awesome pics and vids of High School Improv League here. and here.

The dudes of 56th Street Comedy Club and the ladies of CopperPocalypse!

An Invasion of Improvisers...

as Captain Hammer says "It's not enough to bash in heads, you've got to bash in MINDS!" and I think that at the National Comedy Theatre we take bashing in minds very seriously, in particular when it comes to improv.

The truth is that there is lots and lots of improvisation out there in the wide world. "You mean besides Whose Line is it Anyway?" you ask. "Yes," I reply, "even besides Whose Line is it Anyway."
Improv Comedy (and even improv that is NOT comedy) exists all over the world and with it comes a whole boat load of improvisational philosophy and technique, games, exercises, show styles, and footwear.

This weekend, we're super excited to be bringing you three kinds of improv coming together in a very cool way. Brian O'Connell of IO West and Camp Improv Utopia will be workshopping with our Main Stage team.

Brian is a working actor, writer, director, filmmaker and improviser in Los Angeles. We met Brian a few years ago at Camp Improv Utopia and instantly connected to the way he performs. Brian, the "Improv Ninja" -as some of our performers geekily refer to him- will join us to share his philosophy and performance style.

"Can I take part in this exciting event as well?" you suddenly ask me.
"Certianly!" I quickly reply, excited by your inquisitive nature!

We're getting more that just a workshop with Mr. O'Connell this weekend-- we're ALSO GETTING A SHOW! The Tri-Theatre Improv Show this Sunday the 14th at 7:30pm

What makes it TRI and not BI...? few close friends from Phoenix's Torch Theatre will also be joining us for the show. It's going to be a whole lot of improv brain power coming together in one place....

Join us, wont you? Bash in comedy minds!