Monday, June 9, 2014

Kevin McDonald is Coming! Again! For More! Movies! Stand Up! Sketch! Q & A and Improv!

 When sketch comedy legend and TV & Film star Kevin McDonald came to visit National Comedy Theatre last fall, he must have had a great time. We did too. And we learned so much. We had a delightful and rewarding workshop, show, Q & A and then hanging out time with Kevin. It was a once in a lifetime experience, for sure.

And now its turning out to be a TWICE in a lifetime experience for us and for YOU (The Audience)

Kevin McDonald is joining us again this July for a movie screening, a workshop and a show!

First up is Brain Candy, the Kids in the Hall's 1996 comedy cult classic. Kevin is going to be there to hang out and watch the movie with us, he is going to show us the rarely seen alternate ending and then hang around for a Q & A with everyone at the show. Its only $12- $14 to enjoy this totally unique experience and tickets are already 1/3 gone! make reservations today

 On Sunday we present Improv into Sketch Workshop... and Show!
Participants will spend the day with Kevin workshopping improvised sketches into comedy gold. Having had the pleasure of this experience once before, I can assure you that it is worthwhile and enlightening for anyone interested in learning more about comedy in general, sketch or improv in particular, and getting one on one feedback from a comedy legend... a very polite, Canadian comedy legend.
The best and most unique part of this experience is that we will perform the sketches we create that evening in a live show, with a real audience, right alongside Kevin McDonald and the cast of National Comedy Theatre!

 If you aren't the comedy performing sort but you still want to get in on the fabulous action, theres something for YOU too! Join us for An Evening with Kevin McDonald! He will present some stand up comedy, then the best of the sketches from the day's workshop, then some improvisation with the cast of NCT! Exciting stuff! And its only $12- $14! Make reservations today!

 You know Kevin McDonald best from the Kids in the Hall sketch comedy troupe, now touring again with the Rusty and Ready Reuinion Tour. You might have also seen him on That 70s Show, Arrested Development, Seinfeld, or Friends. You might recognize his voice from Disney's Lilo & Stitch, Invader Zim or Phinneas & Ferb. You might have enjoyed him in films like Sky High, Epic Movie, or right there at the end of Galaxy Quest. You might also have laughed at some of his work as a writer on Saturday Night Live...
Seriously, guys! Get in on this! Who knows if this twice in a lifetime experience will ever present itself again!