Friday, December 16, 2011

New Years Eve 2011- The Top Chef Challenge

This year's Extravaganza is going to be one for the record books.

Does everyone else watch food based reality television as much as I do? Top Chef, Chopped, Iron Chef- love it. Maybe because I have no, seriously, NO talent in the kitchen...  it gives me an overwhelming respect for those that do.
Open a box, theres an octopus, three avocados and a shoe lace- make a holiday meal in under 20 minutes.
I may lack the skill to be the one cooking up Octo-Guac and Shoe Lace Suvlaki- but I absolutely have the talent required to put those MORE talented to the test!

This year we selected a caterer that I knew would be up to any Mystery- Box style challenge I laid on him- 
The objective? I want a meal that celebrates the idea that our NCT New Years Eve Extravaganza will be happening in 3 different cities across the country and represents each city in a delicious and appropriate way. I want many options for our guests so that they can sample each dish or hone in on one they love and eat their fill. I want a Vegan (and by default Vegetarian ) option. Oh, and I want it to be approachable to picky eaters.

What Ken Stewart came up with is a masterpiece that would surely melt padma lakshmi's face off.
Phoenix, San Diego and New York will each be represented by 2-3 classic dishes from that city including- and this is just a teaser-  tastes of the sea shore and the south west, chicken and beef and sea food dishes and more!

Tickets are really going fast, make reservations today online!
And dont forget to call and request seating preferences!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dreidel- I made you out of Laughter!

seriously, it really is THE most wonderful time of the year.

This weekend we're kicking it with the Ha Ha Hanukkah Shows- this is one of my favorite events of the year.
Why is this show so much fun and why will you love it, even if you have never celebrated Hanukkah?? an excellent question. You are bright and inquisitive!

For onesies-
we spin the dreidel for points! Will it be Gimmel or Shin? Thats right, the winning team might get all their points, none of their points, only half their points or- Shin happens, the winning team may have to actually GIVE their points to the other team! Hey man, thats the luck of the dreidel.

We're giving away 8 Crazy Tickets to lucky audience members

AND if you are lucky enough, you might catch the Latke game- where we risk our very lives and ingest too many fried potato delicacies for your amusement!

You dont want to miss this hilarity, and its going to be full- fun and fantastic! Get your tickets ASAP!
The Menorah, the Merrier!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Warm it Up!

Warm Ups are an essential part of any improvisational undertaking. At NCT we are always growing and expanding our portfolio of warm up excercises to include new things and big challenges.

This Wednesday we were practicing a particularly difficult warm up game and one of our players had a lot more trouble with it than most.

It was an excellent opportunity to remind everyone that there should never be fear of failure- on stage or off. the only things one can  not do are the things one is afraid to do. our mantra? if you're screwing up it means that, at least, you are trying!
There is no place for "Cool" in comedy.

Midnights, Spookiness and Auditions on the rise...

Midnight Shows are Back!

Thats right! The Midnight Show returns
    Saturday October 1 at 11:45pm
    Saturday October 29 at 11:45pm

Two opportunities to take in some top notch Longform improv comedy for only $10!

How is this show different from our weekly Competitive Comedy Shows? What's Longform? Why is the MIDNIGHT show at 11:45pm?

Good questions.
The Midnight Show differs from our weekly Competitive Comedy Shows because it is not competitive at all, but a collaborative effort between 6 hand picked players. There is also no Brown Bag Foul at the Midnight Show. Which means, although it isn't specifically "naughty"... the language isn't monitored. For that reason the show is limited to audiences 16 & older.
Longform improv, as featured in the Midnight Show, is basically... longer. With a 20- 30 minute comedy piece constructed around a single suggestion.

Why is it at 11:45?
Who knows! Its madness at the Midnight Show!

Get tickets online  today for only $10!

Audition for National Comedy Theatre!
Thats right- National Comedy Theatre, the Valley's improv comedy leaders, are looking for a few funny dudes and hilarious ladies to join the team of improvisational performers!
Saturday October 22 at 1:00pm
No experience is necessary, just good energy and a positive attitude!
Call 602-374-5638 or email to sign up today!
Selected individuals will take part in a 6 week introductory workshop and then be expected to participate in weekly improvisational training in addition to the opportunity to perform with our cast at NCT in weekly competitive comedy shows. 

The Halloween Spooktacular
Friday October 28 and Saturday October 29th witness the suspense, the thrill and the mosterous hilarity that IS the Halloween Spooktacular! The stellar cast of National Comedy Theatre will dust off improv games and sketches so insane that they only bring them out for Halloween. And, this All Ages show will see the theatre at NCT decked out in spooky style! Ticket give-a-ways will be your trick or treat gift, and everyone will walk away from this spooky wonderland laughing their guts out!
Tickets are $12 for adults and $10 for Students or Seniors get them online today at

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Movie Mashterpiece Theater

This Thursday NCT is taking on another truly godawful film in the hopes of giving it life anew as something funny.
Join us at The Royale at 7:00 Thursday the 25th. 

The Movie Mashterpiece Theater was the brainchild of Midnight Movie Mamacita and the team at NCT.
Its a little bit MST3K and a little bit Whose Line is it Anyway...  but instead of adding our witty japes to the already horrible dialogue and bizarre soundtrack- we get rid of the whole thing.
the team from NCT will provide all new dialogue to go with a new story, complete with foley and soundtrack.

I have to say, ROBOWAR is going to be... just spectacular. The movie is a misguided cross between Predator, Robocop and a Discovery Channel Documentary about the beauty of jungle scenery. Im pretty sure the production crew spent all their money on fog machines.

Come this Thursday to see what Andi Oliver, Krissy Lenz, Dom Johnson, Allison Reese, Brendan McCay, Jared Cox and Zeke Hill can make of it- with sound effects and music provided live!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Comedy is for Everyone

National Comedy Theatre has long prided herself on presenting all-ages comedy, appropriate for all audiences and hilarious to all!

We are so pleased and lucky to boast players of all races and religions. NCT is proud to have Christians, Muslims, Jews, Mormons, Catholics, Seventh Day Adventists, Atheists and even a few Canadians in our working team. We have students, stay at home moms, at least one war hero with two purple hearts, business men, entrepreneurs, actors, massage therapists, teachers, and social service workers. We have a player all the way from Kenya in addition to a host of other African American, Hispanic, Asian, Gay, Straight, Caucasian, Confused and even Canadian players.  We welcome them all, we count them as part of our family and they each bring their unique experience and expertise to our improvisational table.

Our show is always, always all ages and appropriate for all audiences. We are proud and lucky to host an audience as diverse and interesting as our own players. At National Comedy Theatre we present a hilarious and always spontaneous show that is inclusive and entertaining to all. We would never propose to present a show that is strictly "Christian Comedy" "Catholic Comedy" or even "Canadian Comedy" our comedy is for all! But I promise you that all the Christians, Catholics and Canadians will be rolling in the aisles along with the seniors, kids, students, and every other race, ethnicity, life style and point of view that walks into our doors.

All Ages comedy makes no difference. Our show transcends race, religion, creed and life style- its is hilarious to EVERYONE. And, because we take such pride in diversity and inclusion- our show is-- in addtion to being all ages and clean-- is NEVER racist or homophobic. never.

Why, just this past weekend we had a 12 year old birthday, a 21 year old birthday, and a bachelorette party in the house TOGETHER all laughing and having a great time.

Comedy is for everyone. All Ages, All Audience, Clean comedy is meant to be for ALL. And that is what you get at National Comedy Theatre.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


there are so many opportunities for you to learn something really cool this summer...

Not in the mood to commit? Take it in small doses.

One Day Workshops: Summer Schedule

Only $25 and 2 hours each, One Day Workshops are the perfect thing for a summer improv fling...
Reserve your spot before classes fill up-
Saturday 9th: 3:30pm: What is Funny?
Tuesday 12th: 7:30pm: What is Funny Also?
Saturday 23rd: 3:30pm: Emotions and Improv
Tuesday 26th: 7:30pm: Fun and Games
Each Class is $25 or save $10 when you sign up for the whole series (4 classes for only $90)
Sign up by email or phone 602-374-5638.

Little ones need to be entertained and enlightened? There are 2 spots left...

Improv Summer Camp for Kids and Teens *Almost Full*

Improv Comedy Camp: Session 1 - $150
Ages 7-12 - Kids Improv Camp! 11am -1pm Mon July 11- Sat July 16.

At Improv Comedy Camp kidswill learn and play the same improvisational games and exercises that you see onstage at National Comedy Theatre. Through the fun and excitement of improv comedy kids and teens will build confidence, learn to think on their feet, develop team work and listening skills as well as performance and comedic abilities.
This sesssion will include an opportunity for campers to show off what they have learned in a performance for friends and family on National Comedy Theatre's stage.

Class size is limited, to learn more please call 602-374-5638 or email us.

Want something specific and intense? But also hilarious?

Scene Work Study Class

and other upcoming Workshops
Scene Work Study Class - Thursday July 28 7:30pm
3 Week Session - $90
In Scene Work Study we will explore the elements of what makes a scene, improve story telling abilities and learn to make strong scene choices. Using fun excercises and games this class is an intensive look at scene work and improvised story telling. Open to all levels of experience. Class size is limited. Please call 602-374-5638 or email
Singing Study Class - Thursday August 18 7:30pm
3 week session - $100
Learn the dynamics of the improvised musical! In this class you will sing along to live keys and our own National Comedy Theatre musical cues as you explore the exitement of improvised singing. Open to all levels of experience. Class size is limited. Please call 602-374-5638 or email
Full Session Level 1 - Begins Monday September 12
6 weeks - 7:30pm- 9:30pm - $175
For a full description of our Level 1 Workshop please click here.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

YOU (The Audience!)

Here you are... in all of your GLORY!

The Valentines Show

The Valentines Show

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Best Of Times Two!

National Comedy Theatre wins the AZcentral Readers Poll for Best Stand Up, Sketch and Improv 2011!

Check out this link to take a look at the full article.
(personally I like that the focus on our laughing audience shot features a seat reserved for a purse and a sweater)

We are super excited, and proud as heck of all our SuperFans for voting! As always, we cant do what we do without YOU (the audience!) Thank you for making us not only your 2011 Best of winners, but also the East Valley Triubune's Best of the East Valley!

We also owe it to these guys... an excellent team, truly the BEST of Phoenix and the East Valley!

Theres alot coming up at NCT this summer, join us!
We are at the Phoenix Improv Festival Saturday April 16
The Level 1 Improv Comedy Class begins Tuesday May 3
The Mothers Day MAMARAMA is May 6 & 7
The High School Improv League Tournament is May 14 & 15
The High School League All Star Show is Thursday May19
The High School League Champions take on the Pros at NCT on May 20

and EVERY SINGLE Friday and Saturday night we have Competitive Comedy to Rock Your Socks Off at 7:30 & 9:45pm

Friday, March 18, 2011

Fox in Sox

Audience Volunteer Pics from the Green Elephant Show!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Green Elephant in the room

The Green Elephant Show! to benefit the Phoenix Improv Festival!

The Green Elephant Show: Phoenix Improv Festival Fundraiser

St Patricks Day- Thursday March 17 7:00pm- only $9!
All funds will go to support the Phoenix Improv Festival!
Come on out to National Comedy Theatre and try out the luck of the irish at this Competitive Comedy Show! At the Green Elephant Show four of the Valley's most talented comedians will go head to head (to head to head) in a completely spontaneous, entirely improvised laugh riot. The best part is that YOU (the audience!) will get to pick every game from start to finish!
All funds generated at the Green Elephant Show will be donated to support the Phoenix Improv Festival.
Get tickets online by clicking here 

The Wall of Fame

This is James Burho- recent graduate and soon to be workshopper!

Dinner at Joes winner!

This is Nathan, he won two tickets!

We sure do have alot of bald dudes on the team.

Monday, January 24, 2011

look at that, its YOU (The Audience)

Did you know that polaroid cameras are all but extinct and polariod film now goes for about $10 a shot on eBay? Its true. Ridiculous, but true. Though we at NCT would certianly prefer to continue kicking it old school and shaking our polariods like its 1989... we have decided to take a bold step into the world of today (or, if you judge us by our tech... we're stepping into the world of 5 years ago)

Digital Audience Volunteer Photos! December 17, 2010 through January 22, 2011

Ryan Usher plays Dinner at Joes with the team.

Carlos and Matt with the Fabulous Hair play Anamatronic Jamboree!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

we love you.

already? hearts and flowers and cupids already??

Yes! and at National Comedy Theatre that means... the Valentines Show!
Friday February 11 & Saturday February 12 at 7:30 and 9:45 PM

National Comedy Theatre presents the funniest Valentines comedy show in town- and this one is completely spontaneous, totally interactive, uniquely competitive and always extraordinarily funny. Dont miss the all ages Valentines Show at NCT!

You know its going to be awkward when NCT presents their improv pick-up-lines, you can guess how crazy it will be when they make up a video dating profile on the spot and guess what- they're going to give you roses!

also on the horizon? Level 1 Workshops start up again on March 7!
In Level 1 you'll learn the basics of improv comedy- sharpening your quick thinking skills, listening and team work, trust and confidence as well as your comedic and performance abilities. How do we do this? By having some of the most skilled, experienced and talented teachers in the Valley guiding you through some of the most fun and exciting improvisational games and excercises on planet earth.
Classes fill up, so call today for info!

and... SHOW IN REVERSE is going to turn everything upside down on April 1!
At National Comedy Theatre's Show In Reverse you'll be laughing so hard, you wont know which way is up! We start with the final score and work our way BACKWARDS through the show till we get to the beginning. Like every NCT improv comedy show, Show in Reverse will be spontaneous, hilarious and interactive with a few added twists! Dont miss this rare show Friday April 1st ONLY at 7:30 & 9:45pm

get tickets online!