Monday, May 7, 2012

High School Improv Legue Rides Again!

This years High School Improv League Champions, the Horizon High School 56th Street Comedy Club will send two teams of their very best improvisers to go up against the professionals of National Comedy Theatre on our Main Stage! Friday May 18 at 7:30pm & 9:45pm Get tickets HERE. The very best player from each High School Improv League Team will take the stage at National Comedy Theatre for our 4th Annual All Star Show! Saturday May 19 at 4:30pm $5 Get tickets HERE Recapping all the fun we could pack into a 2 day Tournament!
Horizon's 56th Street Comedy Club are our 2012 Tournament Champs Campo Verde's Copperpocalypse took home the Franken Trophy A special award was given this year. Our first Lil Trops Award recipients demonstrated friendship, leadership and kindness- turning their improv teams into mini-families and also reaching out to other teams within the League to make the League itself a mega-mini-family... From Desert Vista Tracy & Emily showed alot of determination and good old fashioned Moxie! Our only 1st year team. Greenway's Damon & Sam took home Lil Trops Trophies, and Cesar took home a tiny foam finger Award Basha High School gave Brigitte "Bam" and teacher Mrs. Schwartz the award Lani took home the award for Perry High School and new player Alli took home her own tiny foam finger award, as did Team Captain Katie. Our Franken Trophy Team from Campo Verde sent home Lil Trops Trophies with Afton, Cayli and Jamie as well as a tiny foam finger for Corinne Centennial High School's Captain Weston, the engine of his team, took home a trophy Agua Fria High Schools Captain Stephen and Maya won their Lil Trops awards and From Horizon tiny foam finger awards went home with Mike and Tyler, Lil Trops Trophies went to Teacher Mrs. Colson, Captains Caleb and Ryan and Alex it was a very exciting weekend and we cant wait to do it all again next year.