Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pink Elephants? Badmans & John Wayne? Uncensored Comedy? Weird Al? New Level 1 Workshop Dates? Ok!

The Midnight Show
Saturday January 31st at 11:45pm, $8 ages 18+
*LAST Saturday of each month. Additional dates 2/28 and 3/28
Its National Comedy Theatre’s Uncensored Improv Show. At the Midnight Show (11:45pm) there are No RULES, No REFS, and NO Brown Bag Foul… Fast paced Improv comedy is totally spontaneous, based on audience suggestion and an unpredictable, raucous good time is assured.

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The Pink Elephant Improv Comedy Show
Thursday February 12th at 7:30pm, $8 All Ages

Totally spontaneous and interactive comedy for Valentines Day at the Pink Elephant Improv Comedy Show! National Comedy Theatre’s award winning improv comedy team present hilarious comedy, made up on the spot and YOU (the Audience!) challenge the performers to EVERY game and shout suggestions!

This show is All Ages and all audiences are welcome. Bring a date! Bring a friend and forget the date! Bring the family! Heck, bring people you DON’T like… just don’t sit near them!

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Valentines Day Comedy Shows at National Comedy Theatre
Friday 2/13 & Saturday 2/14, 7:30pm & 9:45pm    $12-$14

Two teams of top notch comedians square off in a hilarious and totally spontaneous comedy showdown featuring Valentines themed games and scenes you’ll only see once a year at the Valentines Day Comedy Show, including the NCT Rose Ceremony & Audience Pick Up Lines!

This show is All Ages and all audiences are welcome. Bring a date! Bring a friend and forget the date! Bring the family! Heck, grab people off of the street and bring them to the show, you’ll have a great time.

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Two Show Thursday
Thursday February 19th  at 7:30pm, $8 All Ages

One night, TWO hilarious improv comedy shows! At Two Show Thursday, you get double the comedy. First up at this month’s show… the Thursday Night Troupe. TNT will have you rolling with their spontaneous, fast paced improv comedy and YOU (the Audience) will shout out suggestion for every game. Next up, Spoof N Cinema Sneek Peek! On 2/26 our Spoof N Cinema cast will be giving John Wayne’s Angel & the Badman a whole new hilarious sound track live, as the movie plays and at 2 Show Thursday, you get a sneek peek of the best 20-30 minutes!

Spoof N Cinema: Angel & The Badman (John Wayne!)                           
Thursday  February 26th at 7:30pm,  $8  All Ages
Spoof N Cinema takes this 1947 John Wayne flick and re-creates it as a hilarious comedy adventure! The award winning cast of National Comedy Theatre hits you with new dialogue, sound effects, plot twists and more!
The comedians are live, acting along with the movie right before your eyes. See John Wayne like you’ve never seen him before… funny!

Prizes and trivia follow the movie provided by Bookmans Entertainment Exchange and National Comedy Theatre.

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UHF starring Weird Al Yankovic         
Thursday March 26th at 7:30pm, $5
Bring your favorite spatula…. It’s time for UHF!
Celebrate the 25th anniversary of UHF, the 1989 film debut of comedy rock satirist Weird Al Yankovic. George Newman (Yankovic) and his friend Bob take over Channel 62, a failing local TV station. George fills the broadcast day with bizarre programming, bringing the ratings up and turning Channel 62 into an overnight success. Soon, rival station CEO R.J. Fletcher threatens to sabotage Channel 62, and George must come up with a way to save it. UHF also stars Victoria Jackson, Emo Philips, and Fran Drescher.
Plus! Bring your finest Spatula for the Best Spatula contest and spin the Wheel of Fish for Prizes! AND, a LIVE podcast with Educating [Geeks] follows the screening, included with admission. Laugh along and even participate as the Educating [Geeks] crew hash out the best and worst moments of UHF along with your Geek Host, UHF Super Fan and our First Timer, who is seeing the movie for the very first time. Prizes provided by Bookmans & NCT.
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Level  1 Improv Comedy Workshop
6 weeks 7:00- 9:00pm

Begins Tues May 5th Fee $175

$50 deposit at registration
This class is a comprehensive introduction to Improvisation. You will learn the games and exercises used by the professional imrpovisers and comedians of National Comedy Theatre.
Improv will develop your ability to focus, use teamwork, listen, think on your feet and have confidence.
Class size is limited, reserve your spot today.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

So Much Smile! All the Happy! Its the Wall of Fame... in Blog Form!

These gals were celebrating a birthday and cosplaying at the show.... we have no idea what or who they were... but we like it anyway!

Hey are any of these smilin' mugs YOURS? Comment and let us know or find yourself on our facebook page and tag yourself and your friends!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years Eve... the Extravaganza in Pictures

Party Favors Awaiting the Party

First Super Fans of the night, Stage looks terrific!

Bob Caplan and the yearly tradition of memorizing everyone's name

Audience being seating... Bob memorized ALL their names and more

Dorian starts the last show of 2014

We hope that all of our Super Fans, near and far, had a safe and happy New Year! We can't wait to see you in 2015!