Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blood Orgy of the Damned

>This time at Movie Mashterpiece theater, NCT takes on a bit of an added challenge: Blood Orgy of the Damned... a film that is so bad that the original audio was lost, so the film is silent...but laughs galore will ensue as we performs a live accompaniment to this b-movie schlock.
>The "Plot" of the film is as follows:

a young group of college co-eds bring pack a vampire prince and his lackey to modern, 20th century, America. Unfortunately, the coeds were drunk off their asses and the ritual was performed a little... off. Zoltan and Legion, our vampire antagonists, resurrected a little poorly. Now, morbidly obese and flaming gay, respectively, the vampires must figure out a way to take a virgin bride, bring back hell on Earth and try not to overeat. Unfortunately for them, they are opposed by the most ludicrous band of heroes ever compiled. Drunk college chicks possessed by long-dead vampire slayers, creepy middle-aged men and even housewives with a predilection for watching reality TV.
 another added bonus?
The live soundtrack performed by the Phoenix National Comedy Theatre will be recorded and used in the DVD release, so be there to be a part of history in the making!!
 however, you should know... this film is totally R rated... if the description didnt make that clear...