Thursday, December 16, 2010

The White Elephant Show

at a loss for what to do with all this free time before Christmas?

dont fret, we've solved that problem for you. join us at the White Elephant Show!

Thursday December 23rd at 7:30 (a ONE TIME ONLY event)

The White Elephant Show will be like nothing you've ever seen before!
4 Players competiting for individual points based on YOUR applause
and YOU (the audience) will pick EVERY GAME of the evening!
and, the best part is... its only $9!
Get tickets today

We wont be there to entertain you on Friday 12/24 or Saturday 12/25... but we CAN help you kick off Christmas weekend with some hilarious style... get tickets today and join us at the White Elephant Show Thursday December 23rd.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Its Up! Its Coming! Its Up and Coming Events!

Getting ready for Ha Ha Hanukkah shows this weekend! The players will all be sharpening their dreidel skills tonight in preperation for the event!

You can still get tickets online:
and you can still get $2 off with your non-perishable food donation

Level 1 Improv Comedy Workshops are starting up again in the new year, the last two have filled up quickly...
  Starts Tuesday January 4Fee $175.00 for 6 weeks.
Class size is limited. Please call to register 602-374-5638

This course is a fun, no-pressure approach to improv comedy. NCT's instructors have over 15 years of experience each and lead our Level 1 workshoppers through exciting excpercises and games that stress basic skills such as focus, teamwork, mime, character and status - all of the things that, together, create great scene work. The core components of improv, listening skills & your ability to be "in the moment" are strongly emphasized. Great for those who want to "try it out" or take the first step toward a career in comdey- NCT Level 1 Improv Workshop is something for everyone.

see you at NCT!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oxygen Deprivation

Many improv games live and breathe a certian elegance. a grace and charm that keeps them strong thoughout the years. Fresh Choice? Blind Line? Classics.

But there is no place for classics, elegance, grace or, nay even BREATHING at Halloween Spooktacular time!
Hence, Oxygen Deprivation- the stupidest and most dangerous improv comedy game ever to slash the stage to hilarious ribbons.

Whats the gimmick you ask? Well, during the scene one player will literally not be breathing. thats right. not. breathing. they will play with their head submerged in a bucket of icy water. why? because its Halloween Spooktacular Baby! its also cold and flu season. and if you cant dance on the edge of drowning and phneumonia whilst putting together some spontaneous improvisational fun then you just arent trying hard enough, am i right?

I assure you, NCT Phoenix will be trying hard enough.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

giant spider?

In San Diego at National Comedy Theatre it was a delight of the Halloween season to see what crazy new decoration would be added each year. One year it was a plethora of toddler sized skeletons (ci, el guapo... you have a plethora) that danced along the back of the stage. The next year some average human sized skeletons joined them (till the one day when the lady skeleton met this fellow, and they knew it was much more than a skeleton hunch) and they became a family that sat and watched the show. Years later large TV monitors were pointed at the audience that featured a scary face making... scary faces...
the point is, there was always something new to gander at. each year the stakes were raised.

trying hard to keep that tradition alive here in the Valley of the Sun. last year we added some pretty creepy spider nests and a haunted boiler room. this year Ive got an eerie skeleton bride and some giant spiders to add to the spider webs.

im hoping the resulting effect will be that people who were scared out of their boots last year (in a comedic sort of way, not an actual fear sort of way) will be scared out of their socks this year (again- comedically speaking. not serial killer-illy speaking)

maybe thats the point and, essentially, the hard part- perfecting the art of hilarious but spooky. someday we will have ten years of precident and supplies to draw from, like NCT SD. Till then though, I know NCT PHX will still rock your socks off... come see the spooktacular show!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Spooktacular Week! Monday, Monday Monday!

Want a bit of insight into the hilarious terror of Halloween Spooktacular at National Comedy Theatre?

Last Action Joke Vs. CSI:NCT

love 185 jokes? hate 185 jokes? spooktacular has a trick or two up its sleeve-

last action joke, a favorite of NCT San Diego, combines the horrible puns of terrible action movies with the pure groan-worthy genius of 185s...

or, will we play CSI:NCT? Created and beloved by NCT Phoenix, we take the snarky, sunglassy snarl of CSI and the pun-intended turbo cheesiness to the Max!

which do you prefer? which do you hope to see? come on down to the spooktacular to find out!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

not responsable for resulting zombification...

The Halloween Spooktacular! featuring the RETURN of the Midnight Show!

Friday 10/29 & Saturday 10/30 at 7:30 & 9:45
The Spooktacular is so hilarious and spooky... you'll DIE laughing! See games so strange and funny we ONLY bring them out at Halloween. And, you can WIN tickets to the National Comedy Theatre at EVERY Spooktacular event! Oh, and- as if that werent spooky and awesome enough... FREE POPCORN will fill you up so you don't eat too much candy! make reservations today by clicking here.
p.s. NCT not responsable for actual death by laughter or resulting zombification.

Saturday 10/30 11:45pm (18 & older)
The Halloween Midnight Show is so funny, frightening and inapropriate that we have to limit it to audiences 18+. With no Brown Bag Foul, no Ref and no Score... all bets are off and hilarity is ON! Make reservations today by clicking here and don't forget to bring your ID!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

who? why? when? how?

Workshops. Glorious Workshops.

who should take our workshops? well, to start with... everyone.

performers will learn to perform better. be funnier. think faster. react more honestly. also, look nicer and have fresher breath.
professionals will sharpen their team work skills, they'll learn to listen actively and respond with positive agreement. Learn to turn your questions into statements and always say yes, even when 'yes' means 'no.'
people who arent performers or professionals will have alot of fun and learn to do something so exciting, unique and awesome.

why should you take workshops at NCT? Because we are the best, most time-tested and professional teachers and performers of short-form improv- National Comedy Theatre has been churing out genius improvisers for over 11 years in San Diego, 6 years Off Broadway in New York and all that talent and tutelage is waiting for you at NCT Phoenix. also, like i mentioned before, we have the nicest looks and freshest breath.

When can you learn from the best and brightest and freshest breathed? September's workshop sold out, November's Workshop is half way there- it starts on Monday November 15th and meets every Monday for 6 weeks. sign up today and take in all the improvvy goodness.

How can you sign up? email me. visit me. Call me. 602-374-5638. i can also recomend some good mouth washes and chewing gums.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

October Things One and Two

well, insider information coming up-
we're thinking that this October FREE Friday might be the last, with the holiday season coming up there will be so many special events and such that we may need to put FREE Fridays on hold for a while.

Its been so popular though, theres a small rebellion uprising that says keep it going.
what do you think, SuperFans?

October's 1st at 7:30 & 9:45 PM NCT Presents FREE Friday (Buy One Get One)! Get 2 tickets to the Valley’s most spontaneous and hilarious comedy show for half the price. This show is All Ages and will probably sell out so get tickets online today at

Adult tickets use code OCTBO
Student/Senior tickets use code OCTB1
online at

Also on the horizon: Spooktacular!
The Spooky Pic Contest is happening again this year as well, so plan on bringing your camera to the show... as if you didnt all have fancy camera phones and such. call me old fashioned. but you can win 10 FREE TICKETS... thats alot. i think. dont you think?

National Comedy Theatre presents a Halloween show so funny, so spooky, and so... tacular that you'll DIE laughing!
The Valley's funniest and most spontaneous Improv Comedy show takes this scary opportunity to break out games so crazy we only play them once a year!
Come in costume and you could win a FREE TICKET package at each show!
p.s. laughing is guaranteed not to actually result in death of patrons.

Friday 10/29 at 7:30 & 9:45 (All Ages)
Saturday 10/30 at 7:30 & 9:45 (All Ages)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We want YOU

The National Comedy Theatre is holding open call auditions to join their cast of improvisers! No performance experience is necessary, just a great attitude and alot of energy! For more information visit Call 602-374-5638 or email to sign up today.

NCT Open Auditions are only held twice a year, don't miss your chance to join the talented cast.

Saturday October 2nd 1:00pm
National Comedy Theatre
1111 S Longmore Mesa, AZ 85202

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nominations, Workshops, What could be better?

The New Times has begun the nomination period for their Readers Choice Best of 2010 poll!

Please Nominate National Comedy Theatre in category #98 Best Place to See a Comedy Show!

and, if you are feeling up to it, #96 Best Place to see Local Acts
...#39 Best Place to go on a 1st Date
or #117- write in category Best Local Improv Comedy: National Comedy Theatre!

The nomination poll requires one to nominate in at least 10 categories before your vote is valid, so we hope you like some other local businesses as well as NCT!
(Might we suggest MadCap Theaters in Tempe in category #39- Best Independant Movie Theater)

and.... Full Session Workshops Return!
Level 1 begins Tuesday Sept. 14
Meets Tuesdays 7:30pm to 9:30pm
6 Week Session/ Fee $175.00
This Full Session class is an exciting and fun way to get your feet wet in the world of Improv Comedy! Level 1 stresses basic skills such as focus, teamwork, mime, character, confidence and basic scene work all in a relaxed, fun environment. You'll develop a number of practical skills you can apply in almost any real-life situation, including creative problem-solving, quick-thinking, spontaneity, non-verbal communication, and many other skills that can help you in the workplace or on stage... and its fun!

Information and Registration Call 602-374-5638 or email us

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hunger, Cheesiness and High School... oh My.

So... its summer. and its fixin to get hot. and, luckily, we have alot of fun- night time- air conditioned activities for you at National Comedy Theatre.

The Christmas in July Food Drive for United Food Bank.

Over the holiday season YOU (The Audience) helped us to collect almost 90 pounds of food that provided more than 60 meals to families in need. Our friends at United Food Bank contacted us and let us know that during the hot summer months they often run very low on food.

We know that our audience is, by far, the awesomest and most generous... so NCT volunteered to help with the Christmas in July Food Drive for United Food Bank.
Now through July 31st you can bring a canned food donation to NCT and receive $2 off the cost of admission. Not only will you get some nationally acclaimed, spontaneous and hilarious competitive comedy for $2 off, you will also get the warm glowing warm glow of knowing you helped some families in need this summer.... you know what... lets call it a cool glowing cool glow instead.

June 4- July 31 at 7:30 & 9:45pm
Get $2.00 OFF admission with your canned food donation.
(you must bring your cans to receive the discount. Can not combine this discount with other offers or disounts. Come on, you knew that already!)

Fathers Day: The Cheesy Tie Discount
June 18 & 19 at 7:30 & 9:45pm

Its time to celebrate your Dad and all he does for you. Here's a great idea, why not combine some of his favorite things into one gift: Laughing his butt off, saving some dough and being embarassingly cheesy! You can do all  three at National Comedy Theatre June 18 & 19 with the Cheesy Tie Discount!
Everyone wearing a CHEESY TIE will get $2.00 OFF admission AND be entered to win the CHEESIEST TIE contest for a FREE TICKET PACKAGE... wow. 
Use coupon code DADTI to make reservations online at
(Remember to wear your CHEESY TIE to redeem your discount! Can not combine with other offers and discounts... that would be overwhelming for us all.)

 Summer Savings: High School Night at NCT
 June 11 & June 25 at 7:30 & 9:45PM

High School Students... Schools out for summer! Come to NCT on High School Nights and Save $3 on admission! Thats buckets and buckets of hilarious improv comedy that you'll be enjoying for only $7! This deal doesnt go on forever, so we'll see you at the show on High School Night! 
Use coupon code HSSAV to make reservations online at
(Yeah, you have to be a High School student to use this discount. And, yeah, you can't combine it with other offers and discounts. Word.)

As if these awesome events werent enough, keep those sure to be sweaty eyeballs peeled for more summer savings such as: Patriotapalooza: The 4th of July Show, Singles Savings Nights, Seniors Savings Nights, One Day Workshops, and the Local First Golden Ticket 20% Off coupon.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cheap & Easy, the way we like it.

Summer time gets hot around these parts. not sure if you knew that. so NCT likes to keep things easy and breezy...

One Day Workshops
Only $25 per person. Register at 602-374-5638 or

Anyone can check out one of NCT's One Day Workshops! Without the high cost or long time commitment of most workshops, One Day Workshops are a great way to test the waters, improve your skills or just have fun this summer!

Monday June 7 7:30-9:30pm: Agreement & Justification
Saturday June 12 2:00-4:00pm: Emotion & Character
Monday July 12 7:30- 9:30pm: Competitive Improv Games 1
Saturday July 31 2:00-4:00pm: Competitive Improv Games 2

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Great Reviews, Filtered!

Check out these awesome reviews we got on, all 5 starts, that got FILTERED out for some reason and dont appear in our listing!

from Kathleen S. in Mesa, AZ

What a blast! These performers are talented and hilarious. Looking for a fun night out that won't break the bank - you can not beat the National Comedy Theatre. It's a great place for a date & to go with a couple of your best buds.

National Comedy Theatre has no drink minimums like other comedy shows - so girls it's great for your waistline & your pocketbook. And then the fun begins. Really this is funnier than any stand up comedy show I've seen in the Valley. The audience gets to participate but you're not on the spot to do so. A previous reviewer has described the show so I won't bore you. This is a must see. Go tonight - life's short & you don't want to miss this.

From carla k. Phoenix, AZ
5 star rating

WOW! Long live laughter at NCT. Origingal, entertaining, fun and a fair price. What more could you want? P.S. Wheelchair friendly.

From Lee H. Guadalupe, AZ
5 star rating

Great fun for the whole family. The actors and referee were hilarious!! I would recommend NCT to all families looking for something fun and relatively inexpensive!!

Thank you for your reviews and glowing comments, too bad the system decided to throw you out!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blood Orgy of the Damned

>This time at Movie Mashterpiece theater, NCT takes on a bit of an added challenge: Blood Orgy of the Damned... a film that is so bad that the original audio was lost, so the film is silent...but laughs galore will ensue as we performs a live accompaniment to this b-movie schlock.
>The "Plot" of the film is as follows:

a young group of college co-eds bring pack a vampire prince and his lackey to modern, 20th century, America. Unfortunately, the coeds were drunk off their asses and the ritual was performed a little... off. Zoltan and Legion, our vampire antagonists, resurrected a little poorly. Now, morbidly obese and flaming gay, respectively, the vampires must figure out a way to take a virgin bride, bring back hell on Earth and try not to overeat. Unfortunately for them, they are opposed by the most ludicrous band of heroes ever compiled. Drunk college chicks possessed by long-dead vampire slayers, creepy middle-aged men and even housewives with a predilection for watching reality TV.
 another added bonus?
The live soundtrack performed by the Phoenix National Comedy Theatre will be recorded and used in the DVD release, so be there to be a part of history in the making!!
 however, you should know... this film is totally R rated... if the description didnt make that clear...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Show in Reverse!

well, we tried it last year on a Friday the 13th and we're bringing it back for April Fools (a day late) its Show in Reverse! An event so foolish and daunting that we START with the final score and work our way back to the introductions...

Dont miss this one of a kind event at NCT: Friday April 2nd ONLY at 7:30 & 9:45pm

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

feel the love!

The Valentines Show
The Valentines Show
Friday Feb 12 & Saturday Feb 13 7:30pm & 9:45pm
You'll fall in love with the Valentines Show! Hilarious, spontaneous, interactive comedy with games and gimmicks we only bring out at Valentine's Day.
Tickets are available online.
Audition for NCT
Audition for NCT
Sunday February 21 1:00pm
Join the cast of National Comedy Theatre. In addition to being some of the most hilarious and brilliant improv comedians in Arizona, the cast of NCT are all regular folk like you! Join us on February 21 and you could be part of our fun, exciting comedy team.
No experience is necessary. Just a great attitude and lots of energy. Call 602-374-5638 or email us to audition.
Level 1
Begins Thursday March 18
Fee $175.00

This course stresses basic skills such as focus, teamwork, mime, character, status and basic scene work all in a relaxed, fun environment. You'll develop a number of practical skills you can apply in almost any real-life situation, including creative problem-solving, quick-thinking skills, spontaneity, non-verbal communication, and having fun with strangers.
Information and Registration