Tuesday, December 8, 2009

NCT: We got something for you...

Pilgrimpalooza was magnificent, lots of FREE POPCORN given out and eaten up... i guess nobody filled up on cranberry sauce this year.

THIS weekend it's HA HA Hanukkah: The Festival of Laughs (12/11 & 12)

We are going to be giving away 8 FREE tickets at each show... so join us! The Menorah the merrier! I promise you never knew how funny a dreidel could be.

On the 18th & 19th we are bringing out The Holiday Show: Christmas Comedy

FREE tickets and Gifts will be given out at each show to wish our fans a happy X-mass. Bring the whole family, including those crazy relatives you only see once a year. Let us entertain them for you and you wont have to hear any of their stories for at least 90 minutes.

We're taking the night off Dec. 25th and then coming back strong on the 26th- a little fatter, a lot funnier and ready to rock your warm wool socks off.
at 7:30 & 9:45 we're busting out the Christmas Comedy and then, at 11:45pm we give you the gift of the Midnight Show... where you can let us know how you REALLY feel about those holidays with no fear of the Brown Bag.  

We save the very best thing for last, however.

On December 31st we will be having the best party in town.
The New Years Eve Extravaganza! is pretty much the best thing we do all year. Awesome competitive comedy show, followed by really fancy and delicious catered dinner. You party with the cast of NCT and we give you lots of cool party favors and prizes then cap it all off with a classy Midnight Champagne (and Cider) toast! The EXTRAVAGANZA is ALL AGES. The EXTRAVAGANZA is affordable at only $49 per person. The EXTRAVAGANZA will SELL OUT, last year's show was full to the last seat and tickets are already selling for this year... get tickets online today!

I know its pretty exciting. Alot to take in. Pretty overwhelming with awesomeness... but there is more to tell. Not only are we giving all these gifts to you for the holidays, we are also giving you stuff to give other people. I know, its pretty generous.

We have a limited number of Gift Packs available through the holiday season, and they're selling like hotcakes. You can save a ton of cash, give out tickets as awesome, creative gifts that will last alot longer than anything you bought at wal-mart on black friday and- best part ever- Gift Tickets don't expire.  They can be used in any combination and they're good at ANY weekly competitive comedy show.

Get 2 Tickets for $18 (Save $6), 4 Tickets for $36 (Save $12), 8 Tickers for only $64 (Save $32)* this is the most popular package and only a few remain, and 10 tickets for $80 (Save $40!)

There are also Gift Certificates available for our 2010 Improv Workshops.
For only $150 (between $50-$25 savings) the Gift Cards can be used at any 2010 Workshop offered at NCT.
Also Limited time/limited quantity offer. So jump on board and give the gift of Laughs this year!

Lets us entertain you and even perhaps wine and dine you this December at NCT.