Thursday, February 14, 2013

Guess what, its YOU (The Audience!)

Audience Volunteer Photos!

12/14/12... this lively chap walked away with 2 tickets to come see us again!


12/21/12 these guys survived the Mayan apocalypse at National Comedy Theatre

volunteers from 12/22/12 and 12/29/12 have the market cornered on adorable audience volunteering!

2/1/13 this is Adam the Fireman who dinged and ducked his way through Dinner at Joes

this voluteer from 2/8/13 was so funny she made the whole place go blurry!

Valentines Volunteers!

Kate helped with Moving Bodies and walked away with a bunch a free tickets!

she got "wooed" by the team at Valentines Shows on 2/9

and Sam spent her 21st birthday at NCT getting picked up by Pick Up Lines on 2/9/13, Happy Birthday, Sam!

Cant wait to see the rest of you SuperFans at National Comedy Theatre!

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Musical Midnight Show

This month's Midnight Show is going to be extra awesome. With the addition of Johnny Keys it becomes the MUSICAL MIDNIGHT SHOW! Featuring Singing! Dancing! Singing WHILE Dancing! All made up on the spot before your very eyes. And, because it is the MIDNIGHT SHOW, there will be no Ref, no Rules and no Brown Bag Foul....

get tickets online today and save $4 with this clever promo code: SING
only works with online reservations, folks- so make em! Click Here.