Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Kids Improv Classes! This Month at National Comedy Theatre!

Kids taking improv class, Tweens & Teens taking improv class... this is very important to us here at NCT. 
Kids, tweens & teens have unlimited imagination and infinite ability to listen well and learn team work skills that will stay with them throughout life. 

I think the most important thing we teach kids in improv class is not to be afraid of mistakes. In improv, mistakes are opportunities! We celebrate mistakes! Without mistakes, how would we learn? Its a good lesson for kids of any age!
Do you have a kid, tween or teen who would have a great time in improv class? Join us!

Kids, Tween & Teen Improv Comedy Class
Saturday October 18th

Kids Class (Ages 7-10) 10:00am- 12:00pm $40
Kids Improv Class builds confidence while teaching listening skills, team work and quick thinking. Kids will get on stage and learn the same exciting improv games seen on stage at National Comedy Theatre!

Tween & Teen Class (Ages 11-15) 1:00pm- 3:00pm $40
Tweens & Teens get a bit more of a challenge as they learn improv games and exercises designed to encourage quick thinking, trust, self confidence and eliminate fear of failure. Stage time and instructor interaction are guaranteed.

For Registration & Information please call 602-374-5638 or email workshops@nctphoenix.com


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

SpookTacular! Walkers! Tom Hanks! Ernest P Worrel! Its... Its.... the Revenge of October Events!

Upcoming Events? Stuff for Halloween? Golly gosh and gee willikers, October sure does seem like an exciting month at National Comedy Theatre!

What say... we have November & December events listed too? Hot diggity! Bring on the EVENTS!

The Walking Dead:   Season 5

*Time to be announced when published by DirectTV
FREE Screening in HD with Bose Surround Sound at National Comedy Theatre

Watch the Walking Dead, season 5 FREE at National Comedy Theatre. 14ft HD Screen with Bose Surround Sound! Each week we will screen last week’s episode, the latest episode and the Talking Dead.

$2 Popcorn, candy, soda and $4 Craft Beer

Check www.nctphoenix.com/events.html for most recent showtimes & details

Two Spooky Show Thursday

Thursday 10/23,  7:30pm   $8   All Ages

Two Show Thursday presents TWO unique and hilarious comedy shows in ONE night!

October’s show begins with the Thursday Night Team, killing it with their Halloween themed improv comedy! Shout suggestions and watch the TNT players create jokes on the spot! 

After that, Ernest Abridged: Ernest Scared Stupid- a hilariously dramatic and theatrical scripted reading and re-interpretation of your favorite Halloween themed Ernest movie!

Get tickets online here: http://www.nctphoenix.com/showtimes.html

The Burbs (25th Anniversary!) (Tom Hanks!)                   
at First Time Film Club, presented by Bookmans Entertainment Exchange & National Comedy Theatre
Thursday October 30th 7:30pm $8

Check out our FREE Spatula, Hose & Robe Photo Booth! Come dressed in your own best Robe with your own best Spatula and WIN!

The Burbs, starring Tom Hanks, is our October First Time Film Club Selection, brought to you by Bookmans Entertainment Exchange
An overstressed suburbanite Tom Hanks and his wacky neighbors (including Bruce Dern & Corey Feldman) struggle to prove their paranoid theory that the new family in town is a part of a cannibalistic cult (which they probably are!)

Bring your best Spatula & Robe for a costume contest or  get your picture taken in our spatula, bathrobe & garden hose photo booth!
Trivia & Prizes following the event are provided by Bookmans & NCT!

Check out other NCT events: http://www.nctphoenix.com/events.html  
Check out other Bookmans Events:  http://bookmans.com/events/

The Midnight Show
Saturday 10/25 & 11/29 at  11:45pm          $8        17+

National Comedy Theatre’s monthly foray into the uncensored & unknown goes down on the last Saturday of the month at 11:45 featuring uncensored, anything goes improv comedy. NO BROWN BAG FOUL at this unrated show, so audiences are limited to ages 17+
Get tickets online: www.nctphoenix.com/showtimes.html

The Halloween Spooktacular at National Comedy Theatre
Hilariously Halloweeny Competitive Improv Comedy

Friday 10/31 & Saturday 11/1 at 7:30pm & 9:45pm, $14- $12 All Ages

Its time to get spooky at NCT! As the creepy Halloween d├ęcor begins to fill the halls and hallows of National Comedy Theatre, you won’t want to miss any of the fun! Halloween Spooktacular shows feature one of a kind improv comedy games you’ll never see at any other NCT Show including Death Pendulum, Oxygen Deprivation, Mystery Scare and more! 

Plus, a costume contest at each event where YOU (The Audience) will decide who wins an NCT & Bookmans Prize Package!

Check out other NCT events: http://www.nctphoenix.com/events.html

Mallrats (1995, R)   …presented by Cheba Hut Midnight Movies, Munchies & Brew  Saturday
November 8,          11:45pm         $8
They’re not there to shop. They’re not there to work… they’re just THERE. …and you should be at National Comedy Theatre on 11/8 for a special midnight screening of Kevin Smith’s 1995 theatrical disaster, turned cult favorite. (Rated R)
Brought to you by Cheba Hut Midnight Movies, Munchies & Brew- the screening will include trivia, prizes, featured craft beers and Cheba Hut munches! 

Get tickets online: http://www.nctphoenix.com/showtimes.html
And keep an eye out for future Midnight Movies, Munchies & Brew Screenings:
Chasing Amy      Saturday February 14th, 11:45pm $8

Spoof N Cinema: Carnival Story                      
Thursday November 13th, 7:30pm $8
Like Mystery Science Theatre 3000? Rifftrax? Whose Line is it Anyway? Spoof N Cinema is for YOU!
1954’s Carnival Story “the Story of a Woman’s Shame!” gets the Spoof N Cinema treatment at National Comedy Theatre, brought to you by Bookmans Entertainment Exchange! The cast of National Comedy Theatre give Carnival Story new life as they create hilarious new dialogue, sound effects and more LIVE! Right before your very eyes! 
Trivia and prizes follow the screening provided by Bookmans Entertainment Exchange.
Get tickets online: http://www.nctphoenix.com/showtimes.html
Check out other NCT events: http://www.nctphoenix.com/events.html
Check out other Bookmans Events:  http://bookmans.com/events/

Ghostbusters 2                      (25th Anniversary)                             

12/18/2014, 7:30pm $8


**Special Guests, the AZ Ghostbusters          **EducatingGeeks LIVE Podcast after the show!
**Vigo the Carpathian Photo Op
**Toy Drive, bring a new, unwrapped toy in exchange for free admission and/or additional toys to enter raffle for exciting prizes… all toys & funds generated go to peppedup.org

Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Rick Moranis & Ernie Hudson are all back for more supernatural action in Ghostbusters 2! The discovery of a massive river of ectoplasm and a resurgence of spectral activity allows the staff of Ghostbusters to revive the business… but watch out, for Viggo the Carpathian death is but a door and time is but a window... the scourge of Carpahia is gunning for the Ghostbusters!

An awesomely extra-special First Time Film Club presentation, brought to you by Bookmans Entertainment Exchange and National Comedy Theatre! Our special guests, the AZ Ghostbusters, will be on hand with their giant, life-sized portrait of Vigo the Carpathian for Photo Ops! They will help us out with trivia, prizes, a charity raffle & toy drive!

 Bring a new, unwrapped toy to benefit peppedup.org in exchange for admission.  And/or bring two new, unwrapped toys, one for admission and one to enter our raffle! Don’t worry, regular old American money can ALSO be exchanged for admission and/or raffle tickets. All funds from the raffle will go toward more toys for  peppedup.org 

Get tickets online: http://www.nctphoenix.com/showtimes.html
Check out other NCT events: http://www.nctphoenix.com/events.html
Check out other Bookmans Events:  http://bookmans.com/events/
Check out peppedup.org: www.peppedup.org

The White Elephant Comedy Show
Wednesday 11/26 7:30pm $8

In the White Elephant Comedy Show 4 of your favorite National Comedy Theatre Improv Comedians face off in a head to head (to head to head) challenge! YOU (the Audience) will choose every game, so bring the whole family out for some pre-Thanksgiving fun! Crazy Uncle, eccentric Aunt or talkative Cousin in town? Bring ‘em to NCT! We will entertain them so you don’t  have to!

Check out other NCT events: http://www.nctphoenix.com/events.html

We will have lots more to say about these events as they all approach!

Thanks so much, SuperFans! Which events are you most excited about?