Thursday, September 30, 2010

not responsable for resulting zombification...

The Halloween Spooktacular! featuring the RETURN of the Midnight Show!

Friday 10/29 & Saturday 10/30 at 7:30 & 9:45
The Spooktacular is so hilarious and spooky... you'll DIE laughing! See games so strange and funny we ONLY bring them out at Halloween. And, you can WIN tickets to the National Comedy Theatre at EVERY Spooktacular event! Oh, and- as if that werent spooky and awesome enough... FREE POPCORN will fill you up so you don't eat too much candy! make reservations today by clicking here.
p.s. NCT not responsable for actual death by laughter or resulting zombification.

Saturday 10/30 11:45pm (18 & older)
The Halloween Midnight Show is so funny, frightening and inapropriate that we have to limit it to audiences 18+. With no Brown Bag Foul, no Ref and no Score... all bets are off and hilarity is ON! Make reservations today by clicking here and don't forget to bring your ID!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

who? why? when? how?

Workshops. Glorious Workshops.

who should take our workshops? well, to start with... everyone.

performers will learn to perform better. be funnier. think faster. react more honestly. also, look nicer and have fresher breath.
professionals will sharpen their team work skills, they'll learn to listen actively and respond with positive agreement. Learn to turn your questions into statements and always say yes, even when 'yes' means 'no.'
people who arent performers or professionals will have alot of fun and learn to do something so exciting, unique and awesome.

why should you take workshops at NCT? Because we are the best, most time-tested and professional teachers and performers of short-form improv- National Comedy Theatre has been churing out genius improvisers for over 11 years in San Diego, 6 years Off Broadway in New York and all that talent and tutelage is waiting for you at NCT Phoenix. also, like i mentioned before, we have the nicest looks and freshest breath.

When can you learn from the best and brightest and freshest breathed? September's workshop sold out, November's Workshop is half way there- it starts on Monday November 15th and meets every Monday for 6 weeks. sign up today and take in all the improvvy goodness.

How can you sign up? email me. visit me. Call me. 602-374-5638. i can also recomend some good mouth washes and chewing gums.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

October Things One and Two

well, insider information coming up-
we're thinking that this October FREE Friday might be the last, with the holiday season coming up there will be so many special events and such that we may need to put FREE Fridays on hold for a while.

Its been so popular though, theres a small rebellion uprising that says keep it going.
what do you think, SuperFans?

October's 1st at 7:30 & 9:45 PM NCT Presents FREE Friday (Buy One Get One)! Get 2 tickets to the Valley’s most spontaneous and hilarious comedy show for half the price. This show is All Ages and will probably sell out so get tickets online today at

Adult tickets use code OCTBO
Student/Senior tickets use code OCTB1
online at

Also on the horizon: Spooktacular!
The Spooky Pic Contest is happening again this year as well, so plan on bringing your camera to the show... as if you didnt all have fancy camera phones and such. call me old fashioned. but you can win 10 FREE TICKETS... thats alot. i think. dont you think?

National Comedy Theatre presents a Halloween show so funny, so spooky, and so... tacular that you'll DIE laughing!
The Valley's funniest and most spontaneous Improv Comedy show takes this scary opportunity to break out games so crazy we only play them once a year!
Come in costume and you could win a FREE TICKET package at each show!
p.s. laughing is guaranteed not to actually result in death of patrons.

Friday 10/29 at 7:30 & 9:45 (All Ages)
Saturday 10/30 at 7:30 & 9:45 (All Ages)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010