Friday, April 17, 2009

phoenix improv festival

pif was fun.
tursday night is 'arizona showcase' night, so all of the arizona teams get to play. dorian and i got there right at 5 and posed for an awkward picture. there were lanyards. we got our own little dressing room with our name on the door and a basket of goodies contaning, among other things, tampons and goldfish crackers. a nice touch.

we didnt go on for a long long time so we hung around and wached alot of the other troupes perform. when we did go on there was a misunderstanding of some kind and we thought we had 45 minutes when we only had 30. which made it weird when we got yanked off the stage while we thought we had another 15 minutes to kill with awesome improv comedy. not a big deal, but we surely would have planned differently if we knew better. poor dorian barely even got to play.

but that was the only shaky thing that happened. it was a fun time. the folks who put that thing together really do a good job. i wish i was able to see some of the other shows this weekend, weirdass in particular. i met stephanie weir really breifly when i was working at mad tv and she was very cool.

p.s. i will re write this tomorrow and it will be better because i will not be stupid tired.


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