Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nominations, Workshops, What could be better?

The New Times has begun the nomination period for their Readers Choice Best of 2010 poll!

Please Nominate National Comedy Theatre in category #98 Best Place to See a Comedy Show!

and, if you are feeling up to it, #96 Best Place to see Local Acts
...#39 Best Place to go on a 1st Date
or #117- write in category Best Local Improv Comedy: National Comedy Theatre!

The nomination poll requires one to nominate in at least 10 categories before your vote is valid, so we hope you like some other local businesses as well as NCT!
(Might we suggest MadCap Theaters in Tempe in category #39- Best Independant Movie Theater)

and.... Full Session Workshops Return!
Level 1 begins Tuesday Sept. 14
Meets Tuesdays 7:30pm to 9:30pm
6 Week Session/ Fee $175.00
This Full Session class is an exciting and fun way to get your feet wet in the world of Improv Comedy! Level 1 stresses basic skills such as focus, teamwork, mime, character, confidence and basic scene work all in a relaxed, fun environment. You'll develop a number of practical skills you can apply in almost any real-life situation, including creative problem-solving, quick-thinking, spontaneity, non-verbal communication, and many other skills that can help you in the workplace or on stage... and its fun!

Information and Registration Call 602-374-5638 or email us

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