Tuesday, October 26, 2010

giant spider?

In San Diego at National Comedy Theatre it was a delight of the Halloween season to see what crazy new decoration would be added each year. One year it was a plethora of toddler sized skeletons (ci, el guapo... you have a plethora) that danced along the back of the stage. The next year some average human sized skeletons joined them (till the one day when the lady skeleton met this fellow, and they knew it was much more than a skeleton hunch) and they became a family that sat and watched the show. Years later large TV monitors were pointed at the audience that featured a scary face making... scary faces...
the point is, there was always something new to gander at. each year the stakes were raised.

trying hard to keep that tradition alive here in the Valley of the Sun. last year we added some pretty creepy spider nests and a haunted boiler room. this year Ive got an eerie skeleton bride and some giant spiders to add to the spider webs.

im hoping the resulting effect will be that people who were scared out of their boots last year (in a comedic sort of way, not an actual fear sort of way) will be scared out of their socks this year (again- comedically speaking. not serial killer-illy speaking)

maybe thats the point and, essentially, the hard part- perfecting the art of hilarious but spooky. someday we will have ten years of precident and supplies to draw from, like NCT SD. Till then though, I know NCT PHX will still rock your socks off... come see the spooktacular show!

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