Tuesday, January 18, 2011

we love you.

already? hearts and flowers and cupids already??

Yes! and at National Comedy Theatre that means... the Valentines Show!
Friday February 11 & Saturday February 12 at 7:30 and 9:45 PM

National Comedy Theatre presents the funniest Valentines comedy show in town- and this one is completely spontaneous, totally interactive, uniquely competitive and always extraordinarily funny. Dont miss the all ages Valentines Show at NCT!

You know its going to be awkward when NCT presents their improv pick-up-lines, you can guess how crazy it will be when they make up a video dating profile on the spot and guess what- they're going to give you roses!

also on the horizon? Level 1 Workshops start up again on March 7!
In Level 1 you'll learn the basics of improv comedy- sharpening your quick thinking skills, listening and team work, trust and confidence as well as your comedic and performance abilities. How do we do this? By having some of the most skilled, experienced and talented teachers in the Valley guiding you through some of the most fun and exciting improvisational games and excercises on planet earth.
Classes fill up, so call today for info!

and... SHOW IN REVERSE is going to turn everything upside down on April 1!
At National Comedy Theatre's Show In Reverse you'll be laughing so hard, you wont know which way is up! We start with the final score and work our way BACKWARDS through the show till we get to the beginning. Like every NCT improv comedy show, Show in Reverse will be spontaneous, hilarious and interactive with a few added twists! Dont miss this rare show Friday April 1st ONLY at 7:30 & 9:45pm

get tickets online! www.nctphoenix.com

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