Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Movie Mashterpiece Theater

This Thursday NCT is taking on another truly godawful film in the hopes of giving it life anew as something funny.
Join us at The Royale at 7:00 Thursday the 25th. 

The Movie Mashterpiece Theater was the brainchild of Midnight Movie Mamacita and the team at NCT.
Its a little bit MST3K and a little bit Whose Line is it Anyway...  but instead of adding our witty japes to the already horrible dialogue and bizarre soundtrack- we get rid of the whole thing.
the team from NCT will provide all new dialogue to go with a new story, complete with foley and soundtrack.

I have to say, ROBOWAR is going to be... just spectacular. The movie is a misguided cross between Predator, Robocop and a Discovery Channel Documentary about the beauty of jungle scenery. Im pretty sure the production crew spent all their money on fog machines.

Come this Thursday to see what Andi Oliver, Krissy Lenz, Dom Johnson, Allison Reese, Brendan McCay, Jared Cox and Zeke Hill can make of it- with sound effects and music provided live!

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