Thursday, August 2, 2012

TNT at NCT... whats awesome about the Thursday Night Troupe

TNT at NCT: the Thursday Night Troupe kicks off their performance run Thursday August 9th at 7:60pm gosh. golly. i mean... my goodnight stars and garters... i am just so darn excited for the Thursday Night Troupe to kick it off on Thursday 8/9 at 7:30pm... with this show the TNT will take their place in the regular rotation of rad comedy shows that we put on stage at National Comedy Theatre.
this is a really great group of up and coming improv comedians. rehearsals with these guys have been funny, light hearted to the point of distraction and full of laughs. which is, i guess, how comedy rehearsal should be. most of the time.
The TN Troupe has got some faces you might recognize and some new faces you will be happy to meet. NCT PHX has the Main Stage Competitive Comedy Shows, the Midnight Shows, and soon the MashTerpiece Theatre and First Time Film Club BUT... there is always room for more comedy. the TNT at NCT show is going to be a different cup of tea with a format that is uncompetitive. i recommend you come and see the show!

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