Friday, October 19, 2012

New Players Take The Main Stage

This weekend marks an exciting first for us at National Comedy Theatre Phoenix. This weekend our first ever High School Improv League player turned Main Stage player takes the stage in a Competitive Comedy show with the cast of NCT.

Now, if you know NCT, you know we love our Leaguers. It always delights us to see what shenanigins they get up to out in the real world after they graduate. It is always extra rewarding to see them continue with the art of improv and now its extra extra rewarding for the first of the Leaguers take the stage with the big boys.

Mike Warner joins us tonight.

His former 56th Street Comedy Club team mates Caleb Colson, Tyler Fleming and Kaiden Dion wont be far behind as they will join the cast of the Main Stage team this month.

Here they are at last years High School Improv League Tournament.

Sure to become big stars on the Main Stage... congratulations guys!

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