Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sci-Fi Suprise Part 2 is Bigger on the Inside...

We had such a blast at Phoenix Comic Con, in spite of all the evacuations, and we are really looking forward to Copper Con where we will be presenting nearly 3 hours of Spoof N Cinema content.

If you aren't attening the Copper Con with the rest of nerd humanity there is still no reason to miss out on all of our nerdy goodness-
we will be presenting the best 60 minutes of our Copper Con Content at

Spoof N Cinema: Sci-Fi Surprise Part 2
Thursday August 29 7:30pm, All Ages, *FREE* with reservation
Spoof N Cinema: Sci-Fi Surprise part 2 will present some of your favorite science-fiction fare like you have never seen it before… literally. The hilarious cast of National Comedy Theatre’s professional improv comedy team will remove the ENTIRE SOUND TRACK and create a new story complete with live dialoge, new characters, new plot, sound effects and more. It is all created live, before your very eyes.
This screening is All Ages and FREE with your online reservation.

The screening is FREE with a reservation. All we ask is that if you learn that you can not make it after making your reservation, please call and cancel so that we can release those seats to our waiting list.

Not a nerd? Don't worry, we operate under strict non-nerd guidelines to make Spoof N Cinema safe for all viewers, nerd and non-nerd alike!

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