Friday, March 14, 2014

Auditions! Frequently Asked Questions...

This Sunday at 1:00 we are going to be looking for some talented, fun, energetic individuals to join our number in the Thursday Night Troupe.

There are always questions that come up and hopefully this FAQ will solve some of the riddles and encourage you to come on out. If, for any reason, you find your questions have not been answered, feel free to comment and we'll get ya covered quick as a whip!

We only hold auditions once a year, so don't miss this one!

Q: Do I need experience to audition?
A: Nope. We're going to train the people we select in the ways of the force and teach them everything they need to know to be a successful part of the Thursday Night Troupe. Casting wont be based on your previous experience, but rather on the skills you show us at auditions.

Q: What should I bring?
A: A great attitude! We will have you fill out a brief  info sheet when you arrive and we will take your picture so, just arrive a few minutes early and you will be all set.

Q: How many people are you going to cast?
A: As many or as few as we want. We're amazingly flexible here at National Comedy Theatre. If we see 10 people that we think would be great additions to NCT, we can cast all 10. If, by some odd chance, we just dont think anyone at all will work out, we can cast 0... so there is no need to worry about grappling your way into one of 3 open spots or anything like that. Just come on by, do the best you can and if the time is right, you'll make it!

Q: What are you looking for in auditioners?
A: In a hilarious case of irony, we are not actually looking for the FUNNIEST people at auditions. "What?" you say, "How can that be?? You run a COMEDY show, certainly you MUST want to cast ONLY hilarious people???"
Actually, that's not the case. What we are actually looking for is positive energy, listening and responding in the moment without a lot of already planned out characters and one liners, good team work and sharing focus with the other people on stage, etc. We get really excited about people who respond positively, make bold choices, make statements that add information without asking questions and generally have a good time on stage.
Is that a lot of improvey mumbo-jumbo? Let me simplify: Be positive and have fun!

Q: What will the schedule be like for those that make the team?
A: The Thursday Night Team maintains a schedule of weekly rehearsals and monthly shows. Those cast will participate in a training "Boot Camp" and then join the rest of TNT in their weekly rehearsals.

Q: Who will be evaluating the auditions?
A: Directors Dorian & Krissy Lenz make all final decisions. TNT Coach Jacob "Chico" Talbert will also be evaluating auditions.

Q: Why audition for Thursday Night Troupe (TNT) instead of the Main Stage cast? I want to be on the Main Stage cast!
A: The Thursday Night Troupe is where we train and develop the performers that will eventually join the Main Stage cast. When the Main Stage team has an opening, we will look to the talented and dedicated cast of the Thursday Night Team to fill the opening.

Q: Do we really have to keep it clean? I mean, really?
A: Well. Yes. 99% of National Comedy Theatre's shows are All Ages, the only exception being the monthly Midnight Show. So... yeah. We're casting All Ages shows, "blue" comedy and bad language wont impress. 

Q: If I miss auditions is there another way to make it onto the team?
A: We sometimes move people up to TNT when they have successfully completed Level 3 training and we think they would be a good fit. But, other than that, nope. So dont miss auditions!

Q: Do we get paid?
A: In knowledge and improv comedy power!

Thanks for your interest! We cant wait to see you at this year's auditions! 
Don't forget to let us know if we missed your questions!


Krissy Lenz
National Comedy Theatre


  1. Is there an age requirement for auditioning?

  2. Yes, thank you for asking! Members of our TNT & Main Stage team must be 18+ and out of high school.