Tuesday, September 16, 2014

TRAFFIC ALERT: An Exciting Adventure on your way to National Comedy Theatre

SO. As most hale and hearty SuperFans are already aware, the City of Mesa's  ongoing improvements  to Southern Avenue & the surrounding streets and intersections has made it tricky to get to NCT since June of last year.

The project is almost completed, at least in our neck of the woods, but what that means for us is that its about to get a whole lot crazier before it is over.

Get ready for some exciting adventures and detours the weekend of September 19th & 20th as Southern Ave will be closed between Dobson & Alma School after 8:00pm both nights.

But, but... isn't that exactly when National Comedy Theatre's Competitive Comedy Shows take place? And isn't Southern Avenue the best possible way to get to NCT?


And... we are doing our best to make sure that YOU (the Audience) can get to the shows on time, to laugh it up with our award winning, professional improv comedy team.

Check out this map with alternate routes and detours:

Essentially, when visiting NCT on the 19th & 20th, plan on taking Broadway to Longmore and traveling South on Longmore. Take in the sights & sounds of the East Valley as you travel through the wilderness of residential neighborhoods. Stay alert and watch for dragons* as your journey leads you through a 4-way stop and past Adams Elementary School. Keep a wary eye out for speed traps** as you navigate the gentle curve of the road and, suddenly, NCT will appear, just behind a giant tree, on the East side of Longmore! You have made it!

*Dragons are fictional. You are unlikely to see actual Dragons.
**Speed traps are real... the limit is 25 MPH from Broadway to the 4 way stop and 35 MPH from the 4 way stop to NCT.

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