Monday, June 29, 2015

Say Cheese! It's YOU (the Audience!) and Other Fun Adventures! April & May 2015

Gosh it sure is fun to have your smilin' faces out there in the Audience! And we always love it when you volunteer to come up on stage and help us with the games... Come by our Competitive Comedy Shows this weekend and get up on stage, then YOUR gregarious grin can grace the pages of the blog and the infamous Wall of Fame... near the bathrooms!

 And here we find the casts of our 2015 Phoenix Comicon Spoof N Cinema panels... gosh did we have fun. Close to 300 people attended our Doctor Who, Goosebumps, Star Wars: Clone Wars 18+ and Star Wars the Clone Wars PG... Did you see us at Comicon? Let us know in the comments!

Yeah... we have fun.
Come hang out with us, we got it all at NCT!

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