Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Whats Up This Week... Is it Censored... NO! Is it Competitive... YES! Is it HALLOWEENY? You Betcha!

Here's whats happening the weekend of October 8th-10th!

THURSDAY -- October 8th
Its the monthly Improv Uncensored Show!
Come see the saucy side of National Comedy Theatre at the show with no Ref, no rules and no Brown Bag Foul... and no one under 18 admitted!
The show on October 8th features a host of spooky and spontaneous Halloween themed improv & sketch
comedy including: NCT LongForm Comedy Team, this specialized cast includes Andi Oliver, Anthony Thornton, Francis Zagarrigo, Heath Wilcock and Paul Broccolo. They will create an entire comedy show, full of nuance and surprise, based on just one audience suggesting!
Next up...Heath & Krissy Get Killed in which Heath Wilcock and Krissy Lenz expound upon the life of a made up human being... whilst endangering their lives themselves!
Last but not least we've got 80's Abridged... hilariously dramatic readings of your favorite terrible HORROR movies. This week its Friday the 13th! The cast includes Josh Cox, Krissy Lenz, Andi Oliver, Francis Zagarrigo adn Gretchen Kinder!

Friday October 9th --
Competitive Comedy at 7:30pm & 9:45pm have to pay for the entire seat, but this comedy is going to be so exciting and spontaneous.. you're only going to use the EDGE! On the schedule this Friday we've got Anthony, Bob, Francis, Heath, Jordan, Krissy & Ricky!

Saturday October 10th
we're starting out the day with Instant Improv Class! 
The topic for this Saturday is... Guessing Games, the Mystery Behind the Magic!
If you have always wondered HOW we do the amazing guessing games we play at the show... this class will break it down for you in fun, no pressure games and exercises!
Its a totally unique class, open to all skill levels, and we would love to see you there.
To call and pre-register dial 602-374-5638 or email

and THEN its Competitive Comedy time!
Derrick, Francis, Chico, Dorian, Mike and Sarah can't wait to see you at the show where Josh Cox will make his Main Stage debut!

Get tickets online now at

and don't forget about all the other exciting good fun we have coming up this month. Including...

10/15 TNT Improv & the Bucket of DOOM!
10/16 & 17 Competitive Comedy
10/22 Movie MashTerpiece Theatre- 90s Horror TV!
10/23 & 24 Competitive Comedy
10/24 Instant Improv Class Beginning Improv- Whats it All About?
10/29 the Spooky Elephant Show
and its all building up to... 10/30 & 10/31 the Halloween SpookTacular!

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