Friday, January 9, 2009

New Years Eve Extravaganza 2008

The New Years Eve Extravaganza 2008 was a big hit. NCT Phoenix's first New Years Eve Extravagnza Ever. So, it was a New...New Years Eve Extravaganza. and, of course, we sold at least half the tickets the day before the show... on New New Years Eve Extravagtanza Eve.

It was pretty exciting, and a good show. as you look at the pictures you may find yourself wondering... why is krissy wearing a white t-shirt instead of the traditional black DJ shirt? thats very observant of you. allow me to explain.

you see, i set about cleaning up the joint a few days before new years eve and in the tidying process i picked up all the NCT shirts off the floor, pulled them out from behind the couches, dredged them out from under cushions and found a few balled up under the desk. I even grabbed a few pairs of stray black pants that had been kicking around for weeks with no aparant owner.
well. im sure you can understant that i was feeling quite proud of myself for behaving so motherly and caring for the team.
and i did take all the dirty laundry home and washed it all and folded it all up nicely and placed it in a bag and placed the bag by the door so that i could not forget it and... forgot it.
the only black DJ shirt left at NCT Phoenix was a mens Large which i could have pinned in back and passed off as a dress if not for the fact that each sleeve was the equivalent of my size t-shirt.
so i had to step out in a nice white number designed by our own Rawlins bros.

and now, please to enjoy... New Years Eve Extravaganza 2008

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