Friday, January 9, 2009

Up and Coming

So. There is alot to look forward to in the coming months. which means alot of crazy work to do.
the valentines show, our first, will have to be figured out phx style. its going to be really cool though, we are going to change up the whole format for this one.
it did just occur to me, though, that every other holiday show we do this year will NOT be the first! Whats Up SECOND ANNUAL ARBOR DAY TREE-TACULAR! man. time flies.

were having auditions march 1st and looking forward to some fresh blood on the team. the veteran players like to point out that they only truly get to be 'veterans' when there are 'newbies' to boss around. i mean... to mentor.

personally, i would love to add some girls to the team. the 6 to 1 ratio of boys to girls on the team its getting a bit much. i would love to upset the balance and change the ratio to, say... 4 to 1?? so i hope some girls try out. that may just be my opinion and all, but im sure that most of the guys on the team would back me up and wish for more girls too. just a guess.

we're going to do alot of workshops this year. fun. hopefully get our minor league team going.

oh, and our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY is coming up.
the one year anniversary of our official opening is in February. but our GRAND opening wasnt until MAY, so we will be celebrating then. were going to do something big. i dont know what yet. but look out!


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