Friday, March 13, 2009


I may do much of my job in pajamma pants but i assure you, i work my ass off. it may seem like no big deal to post an event listing or update your status on a social networking site but i assure you, it takes all day.,,,,, myspace, facebook, twitter... those are the ones i can think of without thinking. i add to my list of assurances and assure you again that our own website is probably the only one i dont update on a regular basis.

today im pretty happy because alot of things are pulling together and comin up millhouse...
from auditions we invited 8 people to join. that number will inevitably whittle itself down, but even if we end up with 4 solid players that will be fantastic.
today in the east valley tribune there is a story about us. Sunday in the Republic there will be a blurb and a coupon for us. And on we are nominated for two BEST categories (Best Live Theatre Venue and Best Theatre Company) and we are ahead by a nice margin so far.

ill keep you posted on the BEST race, voting is open till the 15th of April.
you can vote for us at


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