Thursday, July 2, 2009

socially awkward networking

Its a full time job to maintain all the profiles and postings we have floating around in this crazy series of tubes we call the internets...

theres just so many places to update my status.

**roll your eyes now- because this is the part where i go on and on about how it was when i was a kid... no i did not have to walk up hill in show both ways to school without shoes (im an az native and, as such, have never even seen snow) but i did have to survive my entire teenage life without a cell phone. take that.**

i had a friendster account back before most of the players on our team graduated (or started) high school. i have an actual friendster, its true. someone i actually found on friendster, who i didnt already know, that i met in person and became very good friends with. so, it CAN happen.

ten years ago, when i was in high school (reunion this year, lets go Firebirds!)- im not sure al gore had even invented the internets yet. i had a pager. and my friend and i wrote and distributed an underground newspaper which contained, basically, what you would now make up most of your social networking bulletins. only we printed it on actual paper. made of actual dead trees. and there was no copy and paste option, we had no choice but to think of it ourselves in our easily distracted and internetless teenage brains- based only on the 'viral networking' of passing notes between class (also printed on vintage dead trees.)

then i had AIM, then i had friendster (like i said), then i had to haul all that information over to myspace. to her credit, myspace hung in there a good long while. reluctantly i moved all that information again to facebook. Now i have to tweet my twitter as well as updating yelp, going, azcentral (who i love for awarding us 2 best of phoenix titles this year), azfamily, stumbleupon, linkedin, digg, etc etc etc

the truth is that my status update should always read 'nct phoenix is currently updating her status'

big picture results? many more trees survive and many more people have access to paperless teenage babbling angst. youre welcome, rainforest. told you we'd save you.


p.s. i dont have to see snow to know i wouldnt like it. give me flaming hot sand over frozen flakes any day.


  1. You know there are a few ways to update all at once? is a decent option, as is FriendFeed. Just sayin. :)

  2. There's links to aps that combine sites. Like the program that makes a Twitter tweet into a Facebook status, and notes can be ported from MySpace to Facebook, and back again. Currently, I have about 200 programs and aps that link 100 sites and other aps into a big mess that bots love to link and list and follow and digg. Advertising to advertisers, linking to linking, and generally talking to myself. How can you not love that? *giggles* My advice is save everything, sort it out in a notepad file (or a binder), and then drop the sites you don't enjoy.