Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Zombie on the March.

Behold- the newest and best of NCT video entertainment... the It's That Funny series.

lets start with a simple question: is NCT so funny that the living dead would abandon their persuit of delicious humans in order to better enjoy some top notch competitive improv?

yes. its THAT funny.
is NCT so funny that a zombie guest would actually pay for his admission rather than decapitate and ingest our helpless box office staff?

yes. its THAT funny.
it so so funny that the sneaky 'people' who bring in outside food and beverages will be so distracted by contagious laughter that they dont even get a chance to enjoy the contraband outside food?

yes. it IS that funny.
now, you know some people come to the show thinking theyre too shy to shout out suggestions, but usually everyone comes around...
(the careful observer will note that our box office staff often sneaks into the show after selling tickets)

you may even be persueded to join us up on stage, its that funny.

the message that we want you to take away from this is, of course, if you happen to be at our show and you find yourself beside a rotting possesed shell of a former living human please take a moment to consider their feelings... even zombies just want to have fun on a Friday or Saturday night, at 7:30 or 9:45pm. and besides, you can rest easy, because the show is so funny they wont even try to bite your skull open.


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