Monday, October 19, 2009


Oh man, so much has happened in the last two weekends.

#1- we drove out and played in NCT San Diego's 10 year anniversary 'Old Timers' show... where Gary Kramer (owner and 'big cheese') was given a proclamation from the city. what did it proclaim? why, that October 9th would be forever known as National Comedy Theatre Day in San Diego, of course

(Gary Kramer, Tom Hart, Krissy Lenz, Dave George, Councilman Todd Gloria, Jonah Weinberg, Mike McFarland, Andrew Kircher, Becky Tennant, a Proclaimation, Matt McDonald, Jamie Fox-Rice, and Greg Lastnamestein. Photograph taken on National Comedy Theatre Day in San Diego)

It was a very exciting, emotional and well deserved moment. really, ten years is quite an accomplishment.

(NCT Phoenix Directors Dorian and Krissy play in the 'Old Timers' show in San Diego)

#2. the very next weekend Krissy, Scott Berger and Jacob 'Chico' Talbert hiked back out to San Diego to represent Phoenix in another anniversary event: San Diego vs. Phoenix and San Diego vs. New York
nobody proclaimed anything, but it was still an exciting weekend of shows out by the sea.

#3. back here in the desert, Show 63 rocked our socks off on Sunday night. Much hilarity was witnessed by those in attendance that included some very funny songs, a sketch and a plethora of stand-up comedy. Michael Sanchez left the theatre $63 richer for making us laugh.
Plans are in the works for Show 64! Stay alert---

-nct phx

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