Tuesday, September 29, 2009

10 years!

NCT phoenix is about 5 months away from our two year anniversary. i know, i still count the time like we're a baby.... NCT is 19 months old today! soon we will be potty trained.
two years. it seems like a big deal... to us.

but ten years? holy cow. my ten year high school reunion is this year, gross. i KNOW thats a long time. my nephew is 10 years old, and even though he cant tie his shoes, he's still pretty old. ten years.

something else you might have heard us mention is our roots in NCT san diego. have we told you that once or twice? maybe. i might have said something about it.
NCT SD is our comedy theatre equivalent of a hero. we hope to grow up to be just like them someday and NCT san diego is ten. years. old.
for serious.
longest running comedy show in san diego. (take that, tripple espresso!)

in the month of october they shall celebrate, and rightly so.
some of that celebration is going to float on over to you! so dont tune out just because youre not one of those people who is happy for other peoples good fortune, you'll get some too.

October 9/10 NCT San Diego will welcome back some of their original players who have been part of the team for the last decade as well as beloved veterans who have gone on to other things... like Dorian and Krissy Lenz!

October 10 NCT PHX will congratulate our sea-side sister team by helping YOU (the audience) save money! 10/10 EVERYONE can get tickets for $10!

October 16/17 NCT San Diego will put their best players up against visiting teams from NCT Phoenix and NCT New York. Yep, we're sending a team out there!

very exciting. and we're happy to be part of the hubub. and im still not going to my high school reunion.

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