Thursday, September 30, 2010

not responsable for resulting zombification...

The Halloween Spooktacular! featuring the RETURN of the Midnight Show!

Friday 10/29 & Saturday 10/30 at 7:30 & 9:45
The Spooktacular is so hilarious and spooky... you'll DIE laughing! See games so strange and funny we ONLY bring them out at Halloween. And, you can WIN tickets to the National Comedy Theatre at EVERY Spooktacular event! Oh, and- as if that werent spooky and awesome enough... FREE POPCORN will fill you up so you don't eat too much candy! make reservations today by clicking here.
p.s. NCT not responsable for actual death by laughter or resulting zombification.

Saturday 10/30 11:45pm (18 & older)
The Halloween Midnight Show is so funny, frightening and inapropriate that we have to limit it to audiences 18+. With no Brown Bag Foul, no Ref and no Score... all bets are off and hilarity is ON! Make reservations today by clicking here and don't forget to bring your ID!

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