Saturday, September 18, 2010

who? why? when? how?

Workshops. Glorious Workshops.

who should take our workshops? well, to start with... everyone.

performers will learn to perform better. be funnier. think faster. react more honestly. also, look nicer and have fresher breath.
professionals will sharpen their team work skills, they'll learn to listen actively and respond with positive agreement. Learn to turn your questions into statements and always say yes, even when 'yes' means 'no.'
people who arent performers or professionals will have alot of fun and learn to do something so exciting, unique and awesome.

why should you take workshops at NCT? Because we are the best, most time-tested and professional teachers and performers of short-form improv- National Comedy Theatre has been churing out genius improvisers for over 11 years in San Diego, 6 years Off Broadway in New York and all that talent and tutelage is waiting for you at NCT Phoenix. also, like i mentioned before, we have the nicest looks and freshest breath.

When can you learn from the best and brightest and freshest breathed? September's workshop sold out, November's Workshop is half way there- it starts on Monday November 15th and meets every Monday for 6 weeks. sign up today and take in all the improvvy goodness.

How can you sign up? email me. visit me. Call me. 602-374-5638. i can also recomend some good mouth washes and chewing gums.

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