Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dreidel- I made you out of Laughter!

seriously, it really is THE most wonderful time of the year.

This weekend we're kicking it with the Ha Ha Hanukkah Shows- this is one of my favorite events of the year.
Why is this show so much fun and why will you love it, even if you have never celebrated Hanukkah?? an excellent question. You are bright and inquisitive!

For onesies-
we spin the dreidel for points! Will it be Gimmel or Shin? Thats right, the winning team might get all their points, none of their points, only half their points or- Shin happens, the winning team may have to actually GIVE their points to the other team! Hey man, thats the luck of the dreidel.

We're giving away 8 Crazy Tickets to lucky audience members

AND if you are lucky enough, you might catch the Latke game- where we risk our very lives and ingest too many fried potato delicacies for your amusement!

You dont want to miss this hilarity, and its going to be full- fun and fantastic! Get your tickets ASAP!
The Menorah, the Merrier!

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