Wednesday, May 29, 2013

High School Improv League Tournament & Shows 2013!

This year's Tourney was super fun, and a gimungous marathon of 7 improv shows in one day!

All of the teams represented really well and had a great time mingling and getting to know each other. We had so many parents, friends and supporters come to Tournament that we had to bring out another row of chairs. furthermore, in perfect accordance with Murphy's Law, the AC breaker broke and we were all jam packed in there, more than 100 people, most of them sweaty teenagers, with no fan blowing in the AC.

We soldiered through it, though and with good spirits and lots of laughs. We even had two guest judges on loan to us from the Torch Theatre, which was awesome. Mack and Rachel brought a fresh perspecitve to the festivities.

It was very close competition and, in the end, the Perry High School Perriwinkles took home the Franken Trophy and Basha High School's Sudden Impact Comedy Club took home the title of 2013 National Comedy Theatre High School Improv League Champions!

On May 24 NCT hosted the Tourney Champs vs. Pros show, a really exciting event where the players from Basha's winning team took the stage along with NCT Professionals. The All Star Show followed with All Star players from 6 of our schools on the NCT stage for the 9:45 show.

All of us at NCT are super proud of Basha's Sudden Impact, Perry's Perrywinkles and all of the teams who participated in 2013 Tournament. We are really going to miss the seniors who are moving on to become awesome grown ups somewhere out there but we couldn't be more excited for next year. Who knows what the 2014 High School Improv League will have in store.

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