Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mom Squad: Squadders Assemble

this week intrepid NCT Director Krissy Lenz stepped into the 3TV Your Life A to Z Mom Squad...

it was funny and fun.
i'll tell you one thing, its a tough sell to show up pretty and pressed and camera ready at a TV studio in Phoenix after feeding and dressing and hefting two kids to school in Mesa. The threat of a complete Crumbing or Boogering is ever present. The Mom Squad aught to have a disclaimer "these are moms, dont expect a total absence of crumbs or boogers." I made it to call time with at least one minute to spare and met the other Moms of the Squad.

Its a good group of moms, very diverse and all of em seemed fun. An awesome grandmother named Marty kicked off our morning with tales of traffic tickets which somehow lead to discussion of the gilded boobies of Anne Bolin and that spun its way into a conversation on breast cancer (our group boasts two survivors) and mastectomy and breast reconstruction. This is what happens when you put moms in a room, we tend not to shy away from any and all topics. In fact, the conversation was so varied, immediate and lively that the wonderful make up lady, Karen Hall, kept having to interrupt in order to serve her purpose of giving us all camera polish and make up hints and tips.

You'll be pleased to know that I was only one of two moms in jeans and certainly the only one in converse sneakers. Luckily I wasnt the only one wholly underwater on the subject of doing one's makeup.

We taped our intros and it was awesome. Lisa Haffner is a total pro and incredibly nice, she spent a long time explaining that all the hubub in the studio was unusual and due to the Jodi Arias statement that was due to happen at any moment during our taping. The Your Life A to Z producers and crew are soooo patient and encouraging.

We all spent a long time after we taped our very brief hellos with Karen the awesome make up lady and she gave us a list of products she recommended. I felt very confident as I waltzed into the Ulta to make my purchases but quickly lost hope, underwater again when surrounded by so much crazy expensive make em ups... how do you ladies navigate these mine fields?
In the end I procured blush and powder, products I never had a mind to own.

I don't know when I can expect to appear again, but I'll be sure to keep you apprised of all Mom Squad movements.

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