Thursday, April 17, 2014

Splash! With Glitter Tattoos!

If I have one super power it is that I can watch a movie I really enjoy over and over again and still get as much joy out of it as the first time, sometimes more. Hence, the mission of First Time Film Club to make sure that everyone gets a chance to see the best movies ever.

Splash fun facts!

It seems like just about EVERY 80s movie star passed on the role of Alan Bauer before it got to Tom Hanks.Michael Keaton, Chevy Chase, John Travolta (you'll do Look Whose Talking but not Splash? Really John?) Bill Murray, Dudley Moore, Jeff Bridges, Richard Gere, Kevin Kline and Burt Reynolds all passed. Can you picture Splash with Burt Reynolds? Yikes.

Same goes for the role of Madisson. Tatum O'neil, Michelle Pfeiffer, Julia Louis Dryfus, Melanie Griffith, Diane Lane, Kathleen Turner, Sharon Stone, Jodie Foster, Rosanna Arquette and Brooke Sheilds all said no before Daryl Hannah came on board. Bonus, Splash is credited with originating the name Madisson, which is now one of the most popular girls names ever!

Now lets all picture Splash starring Burt Reynolds and Sharon Stone... shiver.

Also, Daryl Hannah refused to eat real lobster (shes a vegetarian) and so the lobster shells were filled with tofu... she still cried after each take because the lobsters still had to die for their shells.

John Candy nailed the raquet ball to the head scene, literally, in one take.

And, just for fun: Eugene Levy
Join us for Splash! 
We'll be giving out Leis and adorning you with free glitter tattos!
Bookmans has provided more great prizes!

Thursday April 24 at 7:30
Saturday April 26 at 1:30
only $8! 

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