Monday, April 7, 2014

What the Heck is the Pay What You Want Hi 5 Benefit Show?

That's an excellent question. My, you are an inquisitive and alert individual!

The Pay What You Want Hi 5 Benefit Show!
Sunday April 13, 2:00,  All Ages and you PAY WHAT YOU WANT!
All of the proceeds will go to the Hernandez family to aid in their quest to have a family.

Still seems mysterious... let's break it down...

Pay What You Want.
This simply means that the sticker price for this Comedy Show is up to you. If you want to kick in 5 bucks because its the Hi 5 Comedy Show and that seems like a nice round number, fair enough. You can pay $5 and enjoy the show. If you want to kick in $8, which is the traditional cost of our non-Competitive Comedy fare, great. If you want admission to be $12 for Students and Seniors and $14 for adults because, well, that's what your used to and you're a creature of habit, set in your ways and unlikely to change ever again... ok. You can pay a dollar. You can pay $37.50. You can do the three easy payments of 9.99 plus shipping and handling... its up to you!
Every dollar you contribute will benefit the Hernandez family in their quest to have a family of their own.

Hi 5 Comedy Show.
We're putting 5 different acts on stage to delight, amuse, bewilder and enchant you.

Benefit for the Hernandez Family
As you may know, NCT Directors Dorian & Krissy Lenz have 2 beautiful children that they love and adore to infinity and beyond. Johanna & Michael are Dorian's cousins and they reached out to the family requesting whatever aid could be given in their quest to have a child of their own in spite of overwhelming difficulty, odds and costs.
So, Dorian, Krissy, NCT and even our friends from the Torch Theatre in Phoenix are contributing what we can.... which is comedy.
The idea is that we can all get together, have a great time and laugh and maybe be inspired to help out two wonderful people bring more love into the world. Yeah?

You can read more about Johanna and Michael and their story by clicking Here.

Oh, and Johanna is making some delicious artisan cupcakes too. Don't forget the cupcakes... there will be cupcakes.

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