Wednesday, December 17, 2014

"Who You Gonna Call?" Our Ghostbusters 2 Showing is THIS THURSDAY!

We're big Ghostbusters fans around here. Big, Big. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man size fans.

So, last spring when we met the AZ Ghostbusters at Phoenix Film Festival's Geek Day it was a total no-brainer to plan an anniversary screening of Ghostbusters 2!
Fun story, we also met the Educating [Geeks] at Geek Day... and they're part of the special Holiday Screening of Ghostbusters 2 as well.

The whole thing is really exciting. The AZ Ghostbusters have put together an awesome pre-movie slide show that includes behind the scenes photos, trivia, fun facts and other cool tid bits that only an

actual Ghostbuster would know. We've got an introduction video by the actress who played Slimer, and the AZ 'Busters are going to raffle off some super cool Ghostbusters stuff along with some NCT stuff... and this is all happening before the movie even starts!

Oh, also fun to do before the movie even starts, get your picture taken with the Ecto-1, the life-size Vigo the Carpathian portait or the actual human Ghostbusters... its all included with your ticket.

By the way, did we mention that your ticket is either $8, $6 if you donate food to United Food Bank or FREE if you donate a toy (new, unwrapped) to the toy drive? Yep.

During the movie all you have to do is, you know, ENJOY the movie.

AFTER the movie, you are invited to listen and participate as we record a LIVE podcast with
Educating [Geeks], an AZ Ghostbuster, our NCT Super Fan and First Timer. We will chat about our favorite characters, our favorite scenes, moments and bits as well as our LEAST favorite of all those things. We will discuss whether this is really a "christmas" movie and why it wasnt as successful as Ghostbusters.

and then, after that, if you aren't already just, so full of holiday wonder that you are just about ready to burst, then hang around for the Geekly Phoenix Holiday After Party. There will be surprise screenings of other Holiday Specials, games, and other forms of amusement.

If it sounds like fun, join us on Thursday! 

"He is Vigo! You are like the buzzing of flies to him!"

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