Monday, December 22, 2014

Why Should You Spend New Years Eve at National Comedy Theatre?

Becuase our top notch improv comedy can't be beat.
   ...and we REALLY have a lot of fun on New Years, which makes it even more funny. We will have a special program printed exclusively for NYE 2015. We have been known to change up the games and include some special surprises in there as well...
Our FIRST New Years Eve Show, 2008 turns into 2009!

Because custom made holiday cannolis from RigaTony's  are delicious.
    ...each year we include delicious desserts and this year we are super excited to have custom made cakes and cannoli made by our friends at RigaTonys! SOOOOOO yummy. 

Becuase it's all ages, everyone is included.
    ...Im certain there is something to be said for New Years Eve out at (what I have heard referenced as) "Da Club" spending tons of your 2014 dollars on drinks and really expensive door fees, etc.

Im sure it goes without saying that we think its a lot more fun to hang out at the show at NCT. We don't have to kick anyone out the door just for being under 21, so everyone can be a part of the magic.

Because Bob Caplan will memorize your name.
    ...every year since 2008 NCT Main Stage cast member Bob Caplan has memorized the first names of all 111 New Years Eve Extravaganza guests. This year, he can memorize your name!

Because Midnight 2015 needs a Champagne & Cider toast, a balloon drop, and 100 people who just spent the evening laughing together!
   ...seriously? Lets start '15 off right.

Because its my Birthday.

   ...and I want to spend my birthday with YOU (The Audience!)

And, you should get your tickets now because this show has SOLD OUT every year since 2008.

Happy New Year!

Krissy Lenz

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