Thursday, March 5, 2015

Voyage Trekkers... ALL the Raffle Prizes!

March 12th's Voyage Trekkers Play Along Screening is going to be a great time.

For just $5 you can support the Voyage Trekkers in their quest to become a feature film and step into a Galactic Union watering hole.There will also be a veritable space-boat load of trivia prizes and raffle prizes that you could win by showing your support!

We've been posting them on our Facebook page, and now here they all are!

You want this prize because the cast & crew are all going to be very famous one day, and you can get in on the ground floor!

You want the following prizes, because what a fun dinner experience! We will take you out! You pick the place! You can discuss improv or comedy with Dorian and Krissy, Geek culture and podcasting with Alice and Megan, or Voyage Trekkers and webseries with Craig and Nathan... or you can hang out with us and discuss none of those things!

Now this is a really exciting prize. If you win this puppy you're going to get to take your pick of upcoming topics that may be of interest to you and then  you get to participate in a podcast!
Check out some of the Educating [Geeks] Podcasts now, if you haven't already! We recommend the First Time [Film] Club editions that were recorded live at NCT!

And then there is a bunch of NCT Swag to win, including tickets and gift cards!

Oh, and a $25 voucher toward a future Level 1 Improv Comedy Workshop! Super fun and a great way to improve and sharpen your confidence, listening skills and quick thinking abilities. Whether you want to be a performer or not, Improv Comedy Classes at NCT are a whole lot of fun!

So. Head on over to get your tickets now! Click Here!

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