Tuesday, March 24, 2015

We Got it All on UHF...and YOU can WIN it!

 Thursday Night!
 7:30pm! $5!
 at NCT! Get Tickets HERE.

 We are celebrating UHF!
And we don't want you to leave empty handed... Here are all the ways that YOU can walk away with some fun stuff at Thursday's event.
When you get to the show, go ahead and spin our Wheel of Fish! You can win one of these fabulous prizes or... you can trade for whats in the box. Which is NOTHING! 
Right before the show begins at 7:30 we will be asking YOU (the Audience) to decide who has the most fabulous Spatula in the house! That person will walk away with this prize pack:

 After the movie, but before the live Edcuating [Geeks] Podcast recording, we have 3 Trivia Questions and prizes!

 Pretty Exciting! GET TICKETS right now and JOIN US! We got it all on UHF!

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