Wednesday, May 6, 2015

High School Improv League Tournament 2015!

2015 High School Improv League Tourney!
This year 11 Schools from across the Valley participated in improv classes and shows and now... it's time for the annual League Tournament! 
Each of our 11 teams will participate in 1 Competitive Show, facing off with another League team, plus a 10 Minute Showcase of their best improv abilities!
This year's teams include:
Basha's Sudden Impact Comedy Team, Horizon's 56th St Comedy Club, Agua Fria's Cold Water Comedy, Campo Verde's Copperpocalypse, Perry High's Perrywinkles, Liberty High's Liberty Hysteria Society, Centennial's Plan B Improv Team, Willow Canyon's And...Scene! Improv, Mountain Pointe, Tempe High, and Arizona School for the Arts R.U.N. Improv Team!

Both days are open to audience at $5, seating is subject to availability and showtimes are subject to change...

Day 1:    Competitive Comedy Day!            Saturday May 9th
10:30am Doors Open
11:00am               Competitive Show #1     Basha Sudden Impact Comedy vs. Tempe High
11:45am               Competitive Show #2     Willow Canyon And… Scene! vs. Perry Perrywinkles
12:30pm               Competitive Show #3     Centennial Plan B  vs. Liberty Hysteria Society
1:15pm                 Competitive Show #4     Campo Verde Copperpocalypse vs. ASA R.U.N Improv
2:00pm                 Competitive Show #5     Horizon 56th St Comedy Club vs. Mountain Pointe
2:45pm                 Competitive Show #6     Agua Fria Cold Water Comedy vs. Team Random
3:15pm                 Expected Wrap Time

Day 2:    Individual Comedy Showcases & Awards!   Saturday May 16th
1:30pm                 Doors Open
2:00pm                 Tempe High
2:15pm                 Liberty Hysteria Society
2:30pm                 Campo Verde Copperpocalypse
2:45pm                 Centennial Plan B
3:00pm                 Horizon 56th St Comedy Club
3:15pm                 Basha Sudden Impact COmedy
3:30pm                 Willow Canyon And…Scene!
3:45pm                 ASA R.U.N. Improv
4:00pm                 Mountain Pointe
4:15pm                 Agua Fria Cold Water Comedy
4:30pm                 Perry Perrywinkles
**at this time audience will be excused. Participants and judges only will remain.**
4:45- 5:30             Judges Decisions & Pizza
5:30- 6:00pm      Awards!

Here are some pictures from years past...

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