Wednesday, August 26, 2015

High School Improv League is Ready to GO! ...and This Might Be the Biggest Year Ever!

Its pretty exciting. 
At this point, everyone has been back in school for a little while. Teachers are getting settled in, kids are getting in the groove... and that means its time for High School Improv League!

National Comedy Theatre's High School Improv League has been going strong and growing every year since 2008. Here we are coming up on our 7th HSIL Season in 2015-16 and its shaping up to be the biggest year yet. 

Schools that participate in the Leauge get a dedicated coach who comes out to class 5 times throughout the school year for 2 hours of customized, professional improv training.... our coaches are ready to go! I know I am excited for my first class out at Gilbert High next week!
As the year goes on our League teams will participate in shows with their fellow League schools, presenting Competitive Comedy Shows together. These shows are super fun and spirited. We will be sure to keep you up to date on when they are happening at our schools around the Valley.  The League Team shows are probably my favorite part of the HSIL program, because each one is a mini-fundraiser for the school! 
Want to know more about how the League works or how you can get your school involved? Shoot us a line and we will send you our information packet! 

Email me here: or call me here: 602-374-5638

Sincerely, Krissy Lenz
National Comedy Theatre High School Improv League Administrator

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