Saturday, August 22, 2015

We're Nominated in the 2015 New Times Readers Poll... Guess its Time to Get Crazy for Votes!

See that? Thats where you go to vote for National Comedy Theatre as the Best Place to See a Comedy Show in the New Times Readers Poll...

its under Arts & Entertainment! Voting is open until September 10th.

How do we appreciate your vote? Let me count the ways...

We appreciate it because YOU (the Audience) are our Super Fans! We can't do the show without you... literally... but you are also our biggest cheerleaders!

Helping us out with a vote will help more people find us over here in our tucked away little corner at 1111 S Longmore.

Helping us out by voting and then sharing the info on where others can vote is even better!

We thank you in advance!


Your Friends at NCT

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