Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Return of Movie MashTerpiece Theater...

we're baaaaack....

When we first started the movie mash-ups way back in the day it was at Tempe MadCap Cinemas. We did some cray pieces our there, like Turkish Star Wars and the Bloody Pit of Horror!

When MadCap closed we moved to the Royale and did some even crazier stuff like an Italian knock off of the terminator meets predator that no one remembers the name of and, of course, the original movie  Blood Orgy of the Damned. By the way, you can TOTALLY buy your own copy of Blood Orgy on Amazon HERE complete with our LIVE soundtrack. Blood Orgy was the first MashUp we performed at Phoenix Comicon!

After the Royale we brought the project home to NCT with the help of Bookmans Entertainment Exchange. We took on their preferred moniker, Spoof N Cinema and spent two wonderful years making fun of some of the WORST movies we could find, from the musical adventures of the Inspector General and Something to Sing about with James Cagney, to the lesser known works of Martin & Lewis, John Wayne, Kirk Douglas and more.

Now we are excited to put the Movie MashTerpiece theater back out there with more crazy, ridiculous, completely dated and way out there wacky cinema-fare. We're starting with Fangs of the Living Dead, a 1969 EuroTrash movie that is so confusing, so bizarre and so nonsensical that the cast and I couldn't even figure out what the actual plot is supposed to be about.... needless to say, we are very excited to present it to you on Thursday the 24th at 7:30pm!

In the cast we have myself, Krissy Lenz, as the jilted fiance Piero, a man of science who simply does not believe in superstition. Andi Oliver plays the mysterious but stylish Count, who has a hidden agenda and a mysterious purpose, along with a love of interior design. Andre Bryant is playing against type as Sylvia, the very VERY confused young heiress who might be inheriting a castle, but might also being trapped in a supernatural battle to the death. Tricia Mahler is taking on two roles and the scheming barmain Berta and the dunken town Doctor Horbinger. Josh Cox is making his MashTerpiece Theater debut as Max, Piero's skirt chasing best friend and Bluto, an outer Bavairan suitcase carrying giant.

The show on the 24th is rated R, but if you are holding out for some All Ages MashTerpiece, you won't have long to wait! October 22nd our Halloween themed MashTerpiece Theater features the best of the worst of 90s Horror TV!

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