Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Whats Up This Week.... Scary? Stupid? Competitive? YES!

Hey there Super Fans! Welcome to the beginning of October!
Whats happening this week at NCT?

THURSDAY-- October 1st

Two Show Thursday takes the stage this week!
We've got the TNT Improv Team up first and they've got some new players hopping into the mix. Join us this week to welcome Shannon & Jeff to the TNT team!
Newbie Shannon McGivern
They'll be playing alongside your TNT Favorites: Bailey, Harry, Karen, Matthew, Mike and Tricia!
This month's second show is our first official Halloween themed event... Ernest Abridged- Ernest Scared Stupid.... a hilariously over-dramatic theatrical retelling of Ernest P Worrell's attempt to thwart an evil Halloween troll!
Whose in the cast of Erenst Abridged this time around? We've got Krissy, Andre, Jordan, Josh and Tricia- doing double duty in this month's Two Show Thursday!
Newbie Jeff Underwood

FRIDAY-- October 2nd
Competitive Comedy at 7:30 & 9:45pm
The best of the Main Stage team at NCT are ready to rock and roll and compete for your laughs!
This Friday on the schedule we've got Amy, Andrew, Anthony, Derrick, Francis, Krissy & Dorian with Matthew Turner on Mr. Voice!

SATURDAY -- October 3rd
Competitive Comedy at 7:30 & 9:45pm
Its going to be a record breaking weekend outdoors... and we're keeping it just as hot on the stage at NCT!
Well... I mean, not literally... we will be cranking the AC, as always. I just mean, the quality of the comedy will be, you know, very hot. You get it... you see what I'm saying... right?
Anyway, on the schedule for this Saturday October 3rd we've got Andi, Anthony, Heath, Krissy, Dorian, Mike and our newest Main Stage player Sarah! Chico Talbert is up in the voice booth this Saturday night and its going to be a super great show.

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Thanks, Super Fans! We're excited to see you this weekend!

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