Thursday, August 6, 2009


auditions last sunday were gangbusters.
its kind of funny that we ended up with a TON of great new players when we didnt really need to add big numbers and in the past we have taken 2 players when we really needed a million. murphys law? i hate that guy. but i like all our newbies.

tonight im at new player practice with dorian and our 6 newbies: Matt, James, Christina, Travis, Andy & Jilyn.

its week one. everyone is doing really well. it takes 6 weeks to teach someone to play 5 things. and then 6 more months of playing it to learn to do it well. our newbies from the last round of audiions are just now starting to get it rock and/or rolling.
5 things and scenework, its our bread and butter.

next tuesday we have 7 additional players starting in the Minor League... very exciting. not so much about teaching the specific games and more about developing the ins and the outs and the what nots.

we did a remote show & workshop today for YMCA summer camp kids. weekday remotes are hard to do as a general rule, but boy did the team come through for us.

awesome all around.


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