Saturday, August 22, 2009

#79- Best Place to see a Comedy Show!

National Comedy Theatre is nominated for Best of Phoenix by the New Times. Please vote for us!

we cant win without YOU (the audience!)andi think its pretty special that we're nominated, up against the Tempe Improv and the Comedy Spot- big places that have been around for a long long time... and here we are, our little mom & pop improv theatre already getting nominated for Best of Phoenix!

it just goes to show that NCT has the best fans and the best team ever.

killer shows tonight, by the way.
so good to see the horizon team at NCT! Can't wait for the high school league to start again.
tonight we are expecting a large group from the Vegetarian Society, and i think we all know how hilarious vegetarians can be! So dont miss the show and...

Vote for National Comedy Theatre! #79- Best Place to see a Comedy Show!

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